The Sins


The Sins …Beginning From the End LP

SINS specialize in solid mi-tempo punk with good instrumentals and vocals reminiscent of the early SAINTS. Aside from a few less interesting songs, what emerges here is an extremely promising effort, especially on rootsy punkers like “In the Red” and “Fair Share” which balance power with finesse.

The Sins Message From the Underground cassette

This band had a great pop/punk EP out a few years ago, and while this new tape still contains their gritty approach, the material is a bit slower (wasn’t too fast to begin with) and a bit more “heavy” (not metal, though; more like mid-period SAINTS). Decent.

The Sins Mood Music EP

Sleazy garage punk from San Berdoo. This is the kind of band that seems to thrive in America’s non-cosmopolitan hinterlands, and it has a kind of basic honesty that is often lacking in musical centers like LA, NYC, and San Francisco. Lead guitars flail away in a mid- to fast-tempo format, and the lyrics have an untutored quality without sounding stupid. Pick it up.