The Stalin


The Stalin Stalinism LP

I think this is a reissue of the STALIN’s first two 7″ records, as well as the track they put on MRR’s international comp LP. This is nice to have as a collector, although this relatively primitive punk doesn’t hold a candle to their subsequent material, which raged.

The Stalin For Never 2xLP

This is the last testament for the STALIN, a two-record live recording. Forsaking their earlier harder-edged punk and thrash, the preponderance of songs here are harder-edged post-punk/rock punk. While not a “weak” release by any means, I found myself bored at times with the long dirges, and not excited enough by the shorter slaps. I’m spoiled by their older records.

The Stalin Fish Inn LP

Putting off their venture into haiku til the next release, this eight-song job is more like their slower previous material, but more sparse and less powerful. There are even funk rhythms mixed in here, and overall, I’d have to say that the “magic” seems to be gone from this particular outing. (Comes with a flexi that sounds better than the album.)

The Stalin 虫 LP

This great band from Japan has been putting out records since 1979 (five 7″ers, one 12″ EP, and two LPs), but they’ve somehow escaped notice in the West until now. Their latest picture disc album is amazing, like those of the best Finnish bands. The slower songs are wickedly powerful and tuneful, with great wrenching guitar work, and the more numerous thrashers are awesome. Plus, Japanese production is the best in the world, so order them when Rough Trade begins distributing them.