The Sting-Rays


The Sting-Rays Don’t Break Down / Cover Version 7″

A-side is a schizophrenic ditty combining acoustic guitar with ’60s snotty punk vocals with DYLAN-esque undertones, pop melodic instrumentation, and a folky BYRDS-like break. The flip is even weirder, with more cryptic changes Á  la SOFT BOYS. Nuts.

The Sting-Rays Dinosaurs LP

Strange. The STING-RAYS look rockabilly, act punk, and sound more ’60s than anything else (note their covers of the REMAINS’ “Hard Time Comin’” and LOVE’s “My Flash on You”). Actually, they are a rockabilly band in the instrumental sense, with their slapped bass, snare drum, guitar, and echoey vocals, but the material is more modern. Totally ungeneric.