The Vibes


The Vibes What’s Inside? LP

Decent neo-’60s punk, at times attention-grabbing though ultimately unmemorable. More towards CRAMPS than METEORS. There are a few covers, the most unusual being the SMALL FACES’ “Whatcha Gonna Do About It?”

The Vibes The Inner Wardrobes of Your Mind 12″

The inner wardrobe of the VIBES’ minds must contain a lot of the CRAMPS’ clothes, given the deep mutant rockabilly/psych influence on this record. At least they’ve chosen their mentors well, because this band has good material (though not as invigorating as the CRAMPS’) and perform it with verve (but without the CRAMPS’ personality). “I’m in Pittsburgh” is a killer.

The Vibes Can You Feel EP

While in the psychobilly vein that’s becoming more and more popular, these guys kick ass a bit more than most of their contemporaries. Even the slowest number, “Mini-Skirt Blues,” has got good power. Plus, they do a great cover of the COUNT FIVE’s “Double Decker Bus.”