Th’Inbred A Family Affair LP

With vocals reminiscent of Ian MacKaye or Kevin Seconds, combined with an almost jazzy hardcore band makes for interesting listening. This band is big on intros that are slow and different then rip into a thrash song with changes throughout. BEEFEATER fans will relate to this. Lots of challenging/thoughtful lyrics to boot. Great effort here.

Th’Inbred Reproduction EP

There’s a bunch of rip-roaring, stripped-down thrash here, powerful as hell and with great lyrics! Then, too, there’s more to this band as they display a fair amount of experimentation on a couple of tracks, and don’t lose a bit in the process. TH’INBRED are a band to watch.

Th’Inbred Studio Demo cassette

TH’INBRED rely on songwriting finesse and the basic HC trappings to hybridize an effort that’s very special. Their off-beat humor melds with the music quite effectively—resulting in thrash with an unusual and likable difference. I look forward to their upcoming record.