Tupelo Chain Sex


Tupelo Chain Sex Record Breaker 10″

TUPELO CHAIN SEX are sort of a novelty rock’n’roll/horn ensemble that use a lot of cover material and are pretty goofy for the most part. And if that isn’t enough, this is a rare, collectible 10″ blue vinyl, limited edition that’s one of the worst recordings, quality-wise, ever. For fans and collectors only.

Tupelo Chain Sex Dr. Nightcall / Two Cadillacs Crash 7″

One of Ray Farrell’s faves. These jokers perform a kind of demented R&B on one side, and funky cajun music on the flip. Neither is done with the certified psychosis of the BUTTHOLES, or the sparkling pop sensibilities of the CRAMPS, and therefore don’t really grab me, but lovers of those genres might be enthused.