U.S. Chaos


U.S. Chaos Eye for an Eye / Don’t Wanna Live 7″

Both sides of this EP are excellent sounding punk rock reminding me of classic NO ALTERNATIVE stuff. Lyrically, these guys are no geniuses. On the A-side, for example, they seem to be advocating capital punishment with a chorus of “Kill the killers”…I think. I say “I think” because it could be (no lyric sheet) “Kill the coloreds.” Hard to really tell. That wouldn’t be on purpose, would it…guys?

U.S. Chaos We’ve Got the Weapons 12″

Musically, this debut is prime-sounding ’77 punk, well played and well produced. Lyrically, it would make Reagan blush with pride about the great job he’s done brainwashing today’s youth. They’ve got jingoistic lines like “I’m an American—I stand tall and I’m proud / I’m an American—and I’ll shout it out loud,” and unfortunately they’re not kidding. Duh! Maybe they’ll do everyone a favor and join the Marines.