Ugly Americans


Ugly Americans Philadelphia Freedom EP

For the most part, a letdown from the band’s previous releases. The title track is laced with funk guitar and sing-alongs, and the remaining ones lean towards offbeat rock’n’roll. Musically, the material seems to be missing what the band was aiming for.

Ugly Americans Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed LP

This one took me by quick surprise. A vast improvement over their previous vinyl. The band has discovered a new crossover between musical styles and seem to be taking it in the right direction, with not as much of a metal influence as I expected. There’s more of a chaotic, awkward, complicated power pounding sound. The lyrics are creative and slightly twisted, but only add to the record’s sound. Hard to classify, but I like it!

Ugly Americans The Dream Turns Sour LP

This album contains a fair amount of monochromatic thrash on side one, but several tunes of the flip show that the UGLY AMERICANS have an unexpected versatility; I really enjoyed “The Bad, the Worse…” and especially “Bob’s Beach,” with its surfy overtones. The lyrics are always incisive and hard-hitting, so even though this LP is musically a mixed bag, I can recommend it without too much difficulty.