Upset Noise


Upset Noise Nothing More to Be Said!! LP

UPSET NOISE specializes in mid-tempo punk with distinct speedcore influences in most of the guitar riffing and some of the wanking. Good for the style, I don’t have much of a sensitivity for this kind of punk, though I have to compliment the fine acidy album cover.

Upset Noise Disperazione Nevrotica EP

Like most Italian HC bands, UPSET NOISE is stronger on manic attack and noise than they are on melody (although this doesn’t hold true on all eight tracks). Lots of speed riffs, raging vocals, and ultra-fast snare drumming. They live up to their name.

Upset Noise / Warfare Vi Odio split EP

Another crudely produced Italian indie release with intelligent political themes. UPSET NOISE has a raw thrash attack that’s tighter and catchier than that country’s norm, and hence remind me of a bit of the great INDIGESTI. WARFARE? has a slightly slower English-influenced sound, except for one experimental number (“Anarchia I”). A good blend.