Uzumaki Uzumaki cassette

This is the musical testament of UZUMAKI, a Galician punk duo that made noise between 2013 and 2016, and you can now listen to all their recordings on a limited-run cassette. Razor-sharp guitars, melodic bass lines à la Kim Deal, a hyper-accelerated drum machine, and a voice that rips and is reminiscent in a very pleasant way, of yes, Kurt Cobain. Think of FUTURE OF THE LEFT, but more unhinged. Think of those bands that deliver everything on stage with absolute conviction in what they do and that you find in an unexpected way, bands that slap you in your face with their forcefulness and awaken in you absolute devotion by the end of the show. This cassette is your little secret, your own private beach of visceral catharsis, a code that only you manage to decipher. The world sucks, but then you come across gems like this and the birds start singing again and all that.