Vejamen Aquel Que Creían Muerto cassette

This is the third tape from the German label Iniquity Records that I was given to review, and I must say that it is by far my favourite. More than this, I actually find it really good for what it is. I am aware the label is a small DIY unit dedicated to releasing rough, distorted, raw hardcore punk tapes for fans of rough, distorted, raw hardcore punk who want to listen to a tape of rough, distorted, raw hardcore punk to confirm the validity of their passion (I would argue that it is healthier than collecting Warhammer figurines, but I might biased on the issue). Joking aside, VEJAMEN deserves a bigger run. The band comes from Lima, Peru, and unsurprisingly delivers rough, distorted, raw hardcore punk with a Japanese crasher crust touch and, at times, a rabioso tupa-tupa Latino punk influence. I have to warn you that the sound here is rougher than a badger’s arse (and believe it, that’s already pretty rough) and that VEJAMEN do not mess about—this is real primitive, angry hardcore. Imagine a blend of early DISCARD, MUERTE EN LA INDUSTRIA, and demo-era GLOOM, then soak it in Atropello!!-era Peruvian hardcore punk à la AUTOPSIA, glaze it with some noizecrust distortion, eat the thing, regurgitate it, and make twenty copies of it. Et voilà! My one reservation is the almost systematic use of samples between the songs, which somewhat impairs the overall dynamic. I suppose you already know whether you are going to find it absolutely disgusting or thoroughly enjoyable?