Virus X


Virus X 1983 Vol. 2 (The Final Vinyl) LP

Originally formed in the early ’80s in Niagara Falls, New York, VIRUS X lives on. One side of this record has some old recordings from 1985, and the other has new tunes from 2023. The ’85 tracks showcase an ominous, outsider rock sound that leans into ghoulish themes in the vein of early T.S.O.L. and the FREEZE, and the band carries their strange sense of humor into the new songs as well. They’re sounding like old pros on the new stuff, and the songs are more densely-composed, but these guys are obviously still having fun.

Virus X Johnny Likes Pain 12″

The primitive compositions on this EP reminded me of the late, great CHILD MOLESTERS, a similarity which even extends to the sick lyrics. Unfortunately, the songs lack that essential catchiness that made the MOLESTERS so great. There’s good spirit here, but the music veers toward genericness. (Not to be confused with VIRUS, the NY band whose test press we reviewed eight months ago, but whose LP is yet to come out!).