Warrior Kids


Warrior Kids Les Enfants De L’Espoir… LP

An uneven new LP. There are some irresistible melodic punk numbers here, and from the moment the trebly out-of-tune guitar chimes in, one gets that great rush that only comes from independent records. The production is not as slick as it is on most French releases, which can be good, but the album is somewhat marred by slower, rockier numbers and a typical skankin’ cut.

Warrior Kids Adolescent / Forces de l’Ordre 7″

In France, even the skin bands seem to have a skunk sound rather than the pure “Oi” approach, with its sandpaper vocals, and the WARRIOR KIDS are no exception. On this 45, there are two catchy mid-tempo numbers—”Adolescent” has a much better chorus, but the flip has a more innovative guitar intro that reminds me of CRISIS.