White Flag


White Flag Wild Kingdom LP

A lot more pop than in the past (at times even power pop), this release puts the accent on harmony and melody. Sounds like the BEATLES meet early punk with some thrashy energy. Lots of short, goofing around tracks, as well as their usual good production sound. Guess this signals the end of this label as an indie.

White Flag Live! Bleedin’ in Sweden 1986 EP

WHITE FLAG has, on this live EP, documented their European tour with a clutch of fast, funny, and hard-rockin’ songs. The recording quality is adequate, no lyric sheet is provided (this band needs one), and all things considered, this is probably a good documentation on their tour. Actually enjoyable.

White Flag Zero Hour LP

Another good sounding LP, as these guys churn ’em out. Still have a problem with their so-called “anti-political” lyrics, which more often than not are a not-so-subtle acceptance of the conservative status quo. Musically, they maintain their zip and imagination, producing fine punk and thrash.

White Flag Feeding Frenzy LP

More goofiness from the FLAG. Their satirical songs recorded live all over the country with special “guest” artists and lame in-between song banter. This is supposed to be all-live but side two has a special groove cut to make it a three-sided record.

White Flag WFO LP

This special German pressing features six new tracks and thirteen previously released on their Third Strike LP. If you haven’t heard the band, the closest comparison would be a punk version of KISS influenced by the GERMS! I’ll leave it at that but I must comment on the cover…what a “unique” concept.

White Flag Third Strike LP

Whatever one might think of WHITE FLAG’s attitudes—and I think they’re about as infantile as they come—it can’t be denied that they’ve managed to put out another fine album. Like the first, this one combines lots of power, imagination, and humor (some of which is purely unintentional). Musically, there’s some fast stuff, some slower stuff, some metal, and some weird shit. The kind of record you can close your mind and happily march off a cliff to.

White Flag S Is for Space LP

These guys might be punk’s answer to FRANK ZAPPA. The music ranges from garage punk to heavy metal to metal-punk to rock to thrash to experimental stuff to just plain ridiculousness, and is interspersed with talking, interviews, and blank space. This album is simultaneously imaginative, challenging, and dumb beyond belief.