White Zombie


White Zombie Psycho-Head Blowout LP

The only thing likable about NY bands aside from SONIC YOUTH or even TEENAGE JESUS/LYDIA LUNCH was that their first few records sounded like this. A clean crunchy grind with raunchy vocals, dirty lyrics, and no noise — just garage-y and trashy psychoticness. Hope they stay this way.

White Zombie Pig Heaven / Slaughter the Grey 7″

The second release by this band is not an easy one to peg. It’s god that heavy rock-fuck-you-we-do-it-this-way sound that you hear in bands like BLACK FLAG and DAS DAMEN, but some of the vocals really remind me of SACCHARINE TRUST with their strange poetry. I like this… but I still like BLACK FLAG.

White Zombie Gods on Voodoo Moon EP

This is stylistically not unlike a spacey KILLDOZER 85 vocally and in compositional structure; the thing I found continually annoying was the endless guitar wanking that attenuated all of this LP’s intensity and power. More discipline next time, guys. Boring.