Wilmer X


Wilmer X Tungt Vatten LP

WILMER X has a good rep in Switzerland as a great live band on par with the NOMADS, with maybe a bit more of a rock influence. This new studio has a much more swinging R’n’B feel to it with some real neat harp playing.

Wilmer X V-I-L-D! LP

A live (and hot one at that) recording of this power-pop band that feeds off both ’50s and ’60s roots, R’n’B, and pop and turns it into a rockin’ sound like early DR. FEELGOOD meets CHRIS SPEDDING.

Wilmer X I Din Klinik / Nere Pa Knalgen 7″

One of the best and roughest of the Swedish neo-psych bands gives the NOMADS a run for their money. Both tunes are sung in Swedish, but that doesn’t lessen any of the power, and like their previous records, there is a wild harmonica that matches the fury of the band.