Without Defeat


Without Defeat Absurd World CD

Excellent new grindcore punk from Tokyo. Featuring members of deathcore mammoths KRUELTY, WITHOUT DEFEAT blasts forth nuclear ’80s-style with ripping intent—brutal, slaying grind with crust punk leanings. WITHOUT DEFEAT nails the styles of TERRORIZER and HERESY with some GISM detest and SOB rage. This is a highly recommended debut EP-length CD of eight super heavy tracks, as an exclusive from Black Konflik Records. Contemporarily, I’d compare them to KLONNS, COFFINS, DISCRIPT, or GUILLOTINE TERROR, however playing much faster with levels of D-beat and crushing mid-tempo breakdowns. Slowburner measures hit hard and retreat before it gets stale. I like this and think it will only get more interesting with each listen—’80s grinding thrash and ’90s death metal make for a killer hardcore punk debut. Nasty art adorns the bleak matte black sleeve.