Yard Trauma


Yard Trauma Music LP

Much of this material’s been out in the States before, but this is a good overall sampler for Europeans (or anyone who doesn’t already have their prior releases). Energetic 60s oriented punk.

Yard Trauma Must’ve Been Something I Took Last Night LP

Their second LP shows growth and diversity as well as a bit of taming. This type of ’60s-influenced psych kicks ass anyway, but since 90% of these songs are originals, YARD TRAUMA have managed to scan the decades and prove timeless and talented. Not as rowdy on this record as live, but not to be missed either way.

Yard Trauma Some People 12″

Lately, there have been a whole string of neo-’60s releases that have successfully captured the genuine punky spirit of the times, and this new YARD TRAUMA EP is among them. Although they’ve adopted that acetate organ-based approach rather than a fuzzed-out guitar assault, they have enough raw power and snottiness to compensate. “I Got a Girl” and “Over and Over” are modern teen classics, so get down with these swingin’ cats.

Yard Trauma Some People / No Conclusions 7″

YARD TRAUMA, featuring Tucson troublemakers Lee Joseph and Lance Kaufman, have managed to capture the essence and energy of ’60s garage psychedelia on this single. With a strong, upbeat, even danceable bass-line and an electric organ for flavor, they exhibit considerable madness. Good work.