Year of the Fist


Year of the Fist DCxPC Live Presents, Volume 4 EP

YEAR OF THE FIST has been tearing up SF Bay Area clubs, dives, and public parks for nearly a decade now. They’re really good at what they do, playing a more metallic, GITS-meets-the LOUDMOUTHS high-energy gang tackle rock’n’roll kinda thing. This EP captures them where they rock best, in a live setting. I guess this was recorded by some blessed folks who kept smoky, filthy bar music alive in your home during the Plague by providing live streams of your favorite noisemakers. YEAR OF THE FIST are definitely no strangers to Albany (the city of cops), California’s the Ivy Room, and it shows by the comfort and ease with which they shred here, like it’s a crowd of hundreds instead of maybe five. “50 Ft Queenie” is my fave here. Keep on fucking.