Yleiset Syyt


Yleiset Syyt Toisten Todellisuus LP

Yet another great band carrying the torch of Finnish hardcore, with members of Finnish bands like KOHTI TUHOA and FORESEEN that have been turning heads. Toisten Todellisuus is a compilation of the bands’ two 7″s, 2019’s self-titled EP and 2021’s Umpikujamekanismi. A record for Finnish hardcore fanatics, as they get the best of their country´s classics like MELAKKA or APPENDIX with a taste of USHC. The opener even has a couple of riffs that could be on the CRO-MAGS’ debut.

Yleiset Syyt Umpikujamekanismi EP

Finland’s YLEISET SYYT (“common causes”) plays a timeless type of punk akin to early BLACK FLAG paired with intelligent and poetic lyrics, as revealed to me by the ol’ Google Translate feature. It’s all good rockin’, covered with statements like “Painful things happen in the backyard of the creative middle class,” but also enjoyable with complete ignorance of its thoughtful messaging.

Yleiset Syyt Sininen Hekuma EP

Did you know that despite the increase in both the price of everything and in digital listening, that the 7″ EP is the perfect hardcore punk format? Sometimes I wonder if it’s still true, and then a record like this comes along and reaffirms everything I think I know and live for in a punk record. Six simple and frantic blows in perfect succession, leaning on a tight and confrontational delivery, lacking absolutely nothing. The first track is a nice lesson in drum fills. Limited to 200 copies, so hurry!