Zero Boys


Zero Boys Don’t Shoot Can’t Breathe / Long Way to Go 7″

Possibly irrelevant now, but their 1981 album Vicious Circle remains a classic and has some of the best hardcore songs ever. I’m generally not a fan of bands that are playing almost 40 fucking years later (that’s rich coming from a dude who is approaching 60), but I really like this one. This isn’t hardcore, but it is punk and it’s good. The A-side is methodical, almost MISSION OF BURMA-like. The B-side isn’t quite as good for me and leans more towards a trashy rock’n’roll number, even kind of funky. Honestly, if it was some other band, I might not like it at all. But the A-side alone is worth it. I’ve got a lot of respect for bands that keep at it but also just don’t keep doing the same thing. Nice job.

Zero Boys Vicious Circle LP

What can you say? You take one of the best all-time hardcore records, add 6 extra tracks (from previous comps and tapes) of equal quality, and you’ve got an awesome fucking record. Initially released in 1982, the singing and playing still outdoes most anything that’s happened since. Killer.

Zero Boys History Of cassette

Sixteen classy ZERO BOYS songs. A few have already appeared on their superb album, but the rest are hitherto unreleased gems that reveal why this band should be rated right up there with the CIRCLE JERKS as prime exponents of brisk, hook-laden thrash and punk. Excellent.

Zero Boys Vicious Circle LP

The best band from Hoosier territory since the PANICS and the early GIZMOS. The ZERO BOYS have managed to combine elements from the ’60s punk-STOOGES axis of their first EP (especially the great vocals) and ’80s thrash without losing anything in the process. This well-recorded album is varied enough to hold the interest of punk afficiondos from all eras, no small achievement.