Zimna Wojna


Zimna Wojna Zimna Wojna LP

Melodic punk rock from Wroclaw, Poland. This album reminds me of something Epitaph Records would’ve released in the ’90s. Slightly more aggressive than a band like PENNYWISE, ZIMNA WOJNA bears the hallmarks of that regrettable era of commercialized punk, when it wasn’t out of the ordinary to hear gratuitous “whoa-oh-oh”s and random ska breakdowns. This is a bleak reminder of the dark ages of punk, when RANCID was a mainstay on MTV and the OFFSPRING could be heard blaring from speakers in malls across the land. Basically, the soundtrack to my worst teenage nightmare. I found this album to be a truly painful listen. There are forms of torture that are more enjoyable than being subjected to this drivel. Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all costs. Yuck.