MRR #432 • May 2019


  • No More Bad Future

    I steeple my hands with palm fronds. The plant does not speak back. I remind myself I wasn’t talking out loud so I’ve no right to be annoyed. Back in Sydney after seven months in exile in London, or is it the other way around? Tropical rain is still rain. It would serve you well […]

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  • What’s Left?

    [E]verything that was in opposition was good… —Michael Baumann, How It All Began, 1975  No one who likes swing can become a Nazi. —Arvid (Frank Whaley), Swing Kids, 1993  It was Movie Night at Maximum Rocknroll at the old Clipper Street headquarters circa 1994. The featured movie was Thomas Carter’s 1993 film Swing Kids. It […]

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  • Generally, I Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead

    • On May 3, 2019

    I started this column the same way I have the past 9 months or so—I opened up a spiral notebook to look at a list of barely half thought-out column ideas. Most of these ideas are only a few words long, and probably thought up in the shower. A few days after each month’s deadline, […]

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  • Band Drama

    Bandmates require time, attention, patience, forgiveness, stimulation, trust, and a general sense of commitment, same as a partner, and I believe that band relationships are just as important as any romantic relationship. They’ll become a part of your life, good or bad, and if you’re going to stay together all these things need to be […]

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  • Awkward Raging

    A few weeks ago, during a lazy Sunday afternoon, a woman rang my bell and asked my opinion on the point of life. I cut the conversation short and told her I would not join whatever cult she was recruiting for. A few hours later I was wondering whether she was ready to experience the […]

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  • LET’S NOT SAY GOODBYE… LET’S JUST SAY SO LONG FOR NOW…  Imagine you’re riding up a roller coaster. Slowly you ascend to the top. The intensity level builds, then over the pinnacle you go, plummeting downward, feeling as though the car is going to go off the track or completely out of control…”  Those were […]

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  • Futures and Pasts

    This is my last ever column for MRR in a print manifestation; the first column that I wrote for was in the July 2015 issue, which means that I’ve been doing this for almost exactly four years now. I had absolutely zero aspirations to be a columnist, and it’s honestly not something that ever crossed […]

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  • Might was well start by addressing the biggest news of the year: my five year old son Montgomery wants it to be known in no uncertain terms that the BUZZCOCKS are his favorite band and that “What Do I Get” is the best song ever written. So now y’all know.  In terms of that other […]

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  • Overamped: Harm Reduction for the Modern World

    • On May 8, 2019

    Safer Sex Work  Last April, the US government signed two federal acts into law: the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA). These laws are intended to help stop sex trafficking by shutting down websites where people can advertise and solicit sex, but the unintended (or intended?) consequences […]

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  • Fin de SiÁ¨cle Angst

    Like many people I was shocked to read that MRR was ceasing publication. As a columnist I am not involved in any of the decision-making nor was I even aware that such measures where necessary or being contemplated. I am sad to see this happen and I feel like some effort probably could have been […]

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  • Europe: A Beginner’s Guide

    I first encountered the Maximum Rocknroll magazine in my teenage years, where copy after copy of new issues and back issues were stacked in the now long gone Repoman Records. I visited regularly after school, scrolling through the records and carefully picking something worth the modest paycheck from my job at the local supermarket. I […]

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  • Blank Generation

    If I could see one band that isn’t around anymore do one song live, it would be FUGAZI doing “Suggestion.” It’s one of those songs that blew my mind wide openthe first time I heard it. I was in 7th grade, and read about it in a book on riot grrrl. It’s got that weird […]

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  • I Don’t Think That I Need to Sit Here With You Fucking Dildos Any More

    What’s up, Maximum. Rather than write you a goodbye love letter, this is a love letter to my band.  I don’t remember if I started this column first, or if we started Correspondences first, they started around the same time, and I’ll always associate their beginnings. I moved to Portland, Maine in 2010 because my […]

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  • Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

    An opening thought for all you readers going down with the ship before my final column commences in the last issue of our dear Maximum Rocknroll. I am sure that this issue will be filled with nostalgia and farewell columns, letters, articles, etc. Personally, I decided to get that out of the way last month […]

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  • Teaching Resistance

    Martin Sorrondeguy is a queer, Latinx punk. He sings for bands you may have heard of like LIMP WRIST and LOS CRUDOS, he runs the record label Lengua Armada, is a longtime shitworker for MRR, directed the 1999 punk classic film Beyond the Screams: A U.S. Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary, and is a top-notch photographer […]

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Book Reviews


  1. Active Minds
  2. Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets
  3. Arteries
  4. Art of Burning Water
  5. Stuntman
  6. Bad Sleep
  7. Bad Wig
  8. Sin Bad
  9. Balladmen
  10. The Because
  11. Black Camaro
  12. Blackcat Manor
  13. The Blankz
  14. Black Uniforms
  15. Bombanfall
  16. B.Polar and the Spacefuckers
  17. Bloodshot Bill
  18. Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars
  19. Cankro
  20. Catch As Catch Can
  21. The Cavemen
  22. Chachi on Acid
  23. Butch Haller and His Chesterfield Ramblers
  24. Clarko
  25. Cloud Rat
  26. The World Is a Vampire
  27. The Cowboys
  28. Cronander
  29. Collate
  30. Arno De Cea & the Clockwork Wizards
  31. The Orions
  32. Diät
  33. The Embarrassment
  34. The Empty Bottles
  35. Freak
  36. Fried Egg
  37. Gattopardo
  38. Genital Juggling
  39. Jodie Faster
  40. Fuerza Bruta
  41. Hez
  42. Don Gatto
  43. Homeless Cadaver
  44. Inkwizycja
  45. Kicker
  46. Invisible Teardrops
  47. Liquor Store
  48. Low Life
  49. Meinhof
  50. Mental Fix
  51. Low Forms
  53. The Minutes
  54. My Favorite Martian
  55. Mutant Scum
  56. Night Slaves
  57. New Age Group
  58. Old Firm Casuals
  59. Pandemix
  60. People’s Temple Project
  61. Sleeper Wave
  62. Mercenárias
  64. Powersolo
  65. The Premonitions
  66. Priors
  67. The Pugilistics
  68. Quarantine
  69. Redness
  70. Kristen Resning
  71. Sanctus Iuda
  72. Postage
  73. Slant
  74. The Sleeping Aids & Razorblades
  75. Soloist Anti Pop Totalization
  76. Someday Best
  77. Tazer
  78. Thetan
  79. This Means War
  80. Tics
  81. Torture Garden
  82. Uraken
  83. Trashley
  84. Śmierć
  85. Vidro
  86. Vlack
  87. Weiche
  88. Wlochaty
  89. The Whittingtons
  90. Zero Gain
  91. V/A
  92. Wimpy Dicks
  93. Už Jsme Doma
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