77 KK

Snix Coeur de Lion 12″

More French skunk from SNIX. The guitars could profitably be rawer, but the tunes are generally good (especially “Madou”) and the overall effect is quite appealing. The big question here is one of values: SNIX may not be supporters of M. LePen, but some of the song titles and dedications don’t reflect much that is positive. Who knows?

V/A 77 KK LP

This one slipped by us somehow, so here’s the review, albeit late. One side is devoted to American bands (DOA, 76% UNCERTAIN, WHITE CROSS, etc.) in first-rate tracks mostly on other records already. The flip however, is all-French (TROTSKIDS, COLLABOS, and WARRIOR KIDS turn in especially good pop-punk efforts) and all unreleased. A very good comp; if the duplication doesn’t bother you, give it a listen.

V/A 77 Records Présente… LP

A mostly-French comp with BRAINWASH, BUTCHER, RAFF, and several more (including TOLBIAC’S TOADS, who we’ve heard nasties about), and then GOVERNMENT ISSUE. Mostly ’77 punk styles here, but Germany’s MANIACS’ thrash tune is the hottest track.

Warrior Kids Les Enfants De L’Espoir… LP

An uneven new LP. There are some irresistible melodic punk numbers here, and from the moment the trebly out-of-tune guitar chimes in, one gets that great rush that only comes from independent records. The production is not as slick as it is on most French releases, which can be good, but the album is somewhat marred by slower, rockier numbers and a typical skankin’ cut.