Attack Punk

CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea Ortodossia EP

This EP has one band with three songs. “Punk Islam” has lots of effects and an ethnic style that paints a vivid picture of Middle Eastern strife—it’s slowish, slightly catchy but still intense. The other two songs are better, mining a sort of UK peace punk style: “Spara Jurij” is the best, most rockin’ song here. An enclosed booklet discusses international war tactics: I wish I could understand it. Interesting and worth tracking down.

CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea Compagni, Cittadini, Fratelli, Partigiani LP picture disc

This Italian band describes themselves as “pro-Soviet,” and the LP rocks a bit more and harder than their EP, and shows a lot of diversity in the slower, mid-tempo punk songs. They seem to take a little bit more time and work to develop a sound that makes a statement that you don’t necessarily need to know Italian to understand.

CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea 1964-1985 Affinità-Divergenze Fra Il Compagno Togliatti E Noi Del Conseguimento Della Maggiore Età LP

One side of this red vinyl job is punk with some experimentation, folk, and other varied influences, while the flip contains three long songs that are post-punk. On both sides, vocals and lyrics are way important, but unless you understand Italian, a lot will be lost on overall impact. Highly political.

Stalag 17 / Irah Nè Buoni Nè Cattivi… Soltanto Incazzati EP

These two Italian bands describe themselves as anarchists, and from what I can gather, they are to be admired for their dedication and efforts. STALAG 17 play pretty good thrash and slower, ballad-type songs; IRAH do pretty intense, fast songs that are catchy. Even though translations of the lyrics would be nice, musically this is a record worth tracking down.

MG-15 Derecho a la Vida EP

Growling guitar havoc highlights this four-song Spanish EP with a sound similar to OLHO SECO. Power chords laced with chaotic-paced grinding makes for an interesting effect. Lyrics are translated on the inner sleeve, but the vocals are harsh with a rough edge that delivers the same bite as the guitar. A good dose to crank it up for raw vibrations.

U.B.R. Corpus Delicti EP

This Yugoslavian thrash outfit sustains the requisite speed and aggro for a credible effort, but little of the distinctiveness their geographic origins might suggest. This is churning, repetitious hardcore which, oddly, sounds somewhat Italian—until you realize it was pressed in Bologna. Fine booklet sleeve.

Underage Afri Cani EP

The most applicable adjectives here are rhythmic, savage, and raw. This is mainly fast-paced thrash that is driven by steady drumming, and topped off with a totally fuzzed-out guitar and insistent, intense singing. The UNDERAGE is an anarchist band and, judging from this, have an abundance of commitment. Excellent.

V/A Schiavi Nella Città Più Libera Del Mondo EP

Four hardcore bands from Bologna share this raw record. R.A.F. PUNK sounds like a cross between CRASS and DISCHARGE; STALAG 17 are a bit more primitive, with tremendously course vocals; ANNA FALK SS sound more like a typical Britpunk aggregation; BACTERIA make FLIPPER sound wonderfully melodic. A great EP.

V/A Papi, Queens, Reichskanzlers & Presidennti EP

From Italy with interesting sleeve packaging, a 7-song sampler that presents bands from many free-minded European lands. Italian bands SOTTOCULTURA, KOLLETTINO, and 5° BRACCIO jolt forth a monumentous thrash attack of havoc. Speed merchants STROMSPERRE wail from Germany and KAAOS fire a split-second barrage from Finland. Also, there’s TOTAL CHAOS from the UK and a slower, more relaxed song by IRAH of Italy. Impressive.