Warpainted City Indian Terror Boogie 12″

Solid strength with harmonious riffs that has a total MOTORHEAD feel to it. Vocalist has a rough edged style and spitting punk feel with metallic influences, smashing drums and drooling guitar piercings. Tight, well played songs in a totally different Japanese style.

V/A Fledgling Punx: Nouzui Omnibus Vol. 1 EP

A sharp little 7″ with some hot Japanese bands. A mixture of gargling vocals, wild feedback, distorted guitar riffs, good melodies, and straight forward thrash. Crazed action all grooved into a slashing sampler.

Systematic Death Flash Back EP

Pages of turbulent thrash jamming into a quick dose for a fiery combustion. Full speed ahead split-second blisterings hit hard with the total effect as the vocals spits out the speed lines. Maniac drums pace the rabid guitar work to keep the storm a-thundering.

S.V.S. Hell Near EP

Great power-packed Japanese pulsations with charismatic melodies. Medium paced with metallic guitar bits, crazed to one end, drums continually smashing the beat together. Has the right punched to grab your attention and hold it. Fun and pleasurable.

Rose Rose Emotional Disturbance 12″

Too totally insane! Rapid polished of tight, well matched speedcore that charms with a quick, powerful shine. Reminiscent of GASTUNK with a hauling fury, this Japanese three-piece have combined all the right elements for the ultimate punch. Metallic bites whine as the music charged forth with a shrilling vocalist hurling lyrics outward.

LSD Destroy flexi EP

Snarls of garage hardcore rawness with tinny guitar distortion over blasted by growling vocals. Hoarse, rough, yet still kicking it out, this Japanese band runs for that total, graunch sound, and do it well.

Gudon 卑下志望 EP

Waging warfare of rampant guitar wails with deep barking vocals, that has a pace quickly grabbing your attention with sharp intent. Sheer exertion to keep attention with sharp intent. Sheer exertion to keep an upfront attack of blacking instrumentation with the proper noise of the wicked voice to sink his chompers in your brain.

Sex Complex Class 幽体離脱 flexi EP

A pulsating beat full of melodic musical structures pushing forth a steady pace with grinding vocals and good harmonizing. Very tight with a raw appeal for this three-piece from Japan, making a fun, enjoyable sound that sticks. Good guitar effects work with the right charm. Good stuff from the MCR label.

LSD Jast Last EP

Intense shouting damaging these vocal chords raunch out a wailing voice over an extreme beset of raw unrelenting guitar buzzing with crackling fury. Yet it break into a few acoustical-type riffs, then the madness explodes, the members fully delivering a mayhem so true to hardcore.

Gai 1981-1985 cassette

Obviously influenced by the noise kings of the UK, GAI runs with deadly barrages of distorted thrash, crazed with a total no-holds-barred approach. This is a collection of GAI tracks and the transition into the SWANKYS (which they become, since both bands shared the same members). A multitude of mayhem!!

Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror cassette

The sound ripped my teeth from their gums as my mouth gaped open wide in astonishment as to the full-front ferocity of extreme power smashing my face. This is the best new blast of damaging explosions to rock the brainwaves as an assault of growling vocals bark over a maniac lashing of speedy thrash pushed in with raw, loud distortion.

Chaos UK Just Mere Slaves 12″

The boys went a rampaging in Japan, shocking the minds with their chaotic fits, and recorded some new smoking tracks that send quake waves throughout Japan. Great straightforward bites of feedback and distortion in the crazed tradition meet you with the four new bits on side A. Side B was recorded live at one of the Japanese crunch shows.

AOA / Oi Polloi Unlimited Genocide split LP

A mass exhilaration of fast melodic thrash with a flare for noisy guitars all wrapped up the complete raw package greets you to the latest C.O.R. split effort. Sturdy and lasting with all might, both bands peel off a collision of chaotic riffs. A.O.A. storms wildly at a rapid pace, while OI POLLOI pushes a sonic wave of harmonious velocity, fast and fun.

Dag Nasty Can I Say LP

Tight musical compositions plunge headlong into some serious topics of personal beliefs. A few good riffs that harmonize rather well and keep a steady pace as vocalist Dave Smallee croons his way with such an exceptional flavor. This man’s voice makes the record. He has a craft with his voice and uses it so well, the A-plus of this slab.

Satanic Malfunctions Who Wants the World EP

Maniac speedcore terror bursts out with a garage sound, loud and raucous, as the momentum files with energy. Intelligent lyrical content is shouted amongst a wall of chaotic aggression in this split-second delivery of ultra-fast combustion. Not since the NEOS has a band shot it all into the fire with a continual non-stop pace.

Outo Half Wit Life EP

A supreme invasion of grinding feedback rammed with chunky distortion from the Osaka havoc masters of Japan. This fabulous second release thrusts all the chaos into a noisy thrasherpiece as the thrills are non-stop pushing the ears thru the glass and ripping the skull to shreds. Deep, raw non-hesitant jumps into the speed realm of ultramania.

Gudon 残忍聖者 flexi EP

Complete noise mayhem beyond belief with gruanched-out vocals over a mad guitar strumming full of feedback and splattering distortion. Splashing cymbals give the pace. An adventurous thrash barrage as the musicians have gone bonkers. Wild and truly just out of the asylum.

Gastunk The Vanishing Signs 12″

Wild, heavy grinding through some forceful steel punches with solid energy making tight musical compositions. Baki’s vocals are even better than ever as his voice changes for each melody with all the soulful crooning to make it really work. GASTUNK’s fifth release continues the fine sound they have now popularized, leading the way for Japanese speedcore!

Fuck Geez Here’s the Fuck Geez パンク·ロックで埋めつくせ!! EP

Straightforward Japanese punk that holds a raw, powerful sound and good, pulsating beats in a moving fashion. Tick-tocking action as snare and bass hit the savage pace, with stops and metallic kerrangs. Fun, enjoyable music that comes with English translated lyrics, and the first couple hundred have a free flexi. Choice!

Disarray In Search of the Miraculous EP

Rapid cranks of lethal choice cuts, pushing a fast rhythmic sound headlong into one of disorder plunging in a few wailing whines. Harsh vocals dominate over a guitar-oriented sound that kicks in for some running speed. Another hot Japanese second release that is more than a cleaver to the senses.

Confuse Contempt for the Authority and Take Off the Lie EP

The number one pick of all the Japanese mayhem depth-charge bands, this group stops at nothing to deliver the finest in roaring chaos and unrelenting speed. This is their second release and the buzzsawing guitar sounds grind with a feverous smile as a booming drum-blast sounds the alarm. Rips the flesh off your face with sonic overture. Great.

Antiseptic First-Last EP

Muscle-driven power charging with a raw horsepower of intensity. Heavy riffs with a deep, growling voice to raunch the chaotic bites down. Metallic string bits whine out to break the pace as the momentum is a strong medium thrash blast. Well-structured musical attacks work extremely well in the tradition of ZOUO and GISM, as this Japanese depth-charge outfit grins with mayhem. Rave.

Tu-Do Hospital Patients of… LP

Flat-out the best new band out of Germany, combining a hardcore mind with metal fingers, pushing the sonic disruption into a rambunctious speedcore assault with all-together lyrics. Totally a US feel of hardcore to this grinding fury, with speed, melody, wailing riffs, and a continual careening force. Lots of unique ideas that bolt across with power and enthusiasm.

Gauze Equalizing Distort LP

Raw-edged straightforward thrash with gravel-laden vocals continuing the excitement on this second LP. Japan’s answer to non-stop chaotic destruction, finely tuned and well-mixed with great back-up choruses, throwing chunks of havoc everywhere. The first LP was good, this is a great one and melts my brain at every listen.

Gastunk Geronimo / Red Indians Rock 7″

Oh my, GASTUNK scalps the senses with another super release. This band is one of Japan’s best and scorches it out with this Indian-themed release. Excellent packaging opens you to intense echoing shrills. What you’d expect from this band that deserves, ’cause they perform well.

English Dogs Metalmorphosis 12″

Adie’s vox have a character that brings the great speedcore compositions of the ENGLISH DOGS to a thundering proportion, raw, uncompromising, and shouting. They blurt well with this crazed line-up. The DOGS really work the musical structure with award-winning appeal. A bit of work goes into these songs. Bang.

The Comes Power Never Die LP

Hallowed be the return of the COMES and orgasms does it create with splash ’n’ bash mayhem as the female singer twists buzzbomb of a sensation. Six tightly knit songs to grab down and charge up for an earful in flailing delight. Hot stuff that mixes well for both crowds.

BGK Nothing Can Go Wrogn! LP

The masters of Dutch political thrash strike the match and burn wildly with this new line-up. Tony’s gone over to guitar and he rips the pace to bleedin’ shreds as the drums smash over and over again with Rene’s forceful thrusted vocals. If you liked the first, the second will drive you mad with quickness, tight harmonies, and action-packed thrills.

The Dehumanizers Kill Lou Guzzo EP

The gut-crunching antics of this bizarre combo will take you on an insane journey into thrash, metallic mayhem, raw energy, and odd effects. Definitely a band with their own style, DEHUMANIZERS approach some new ground which works well sometimes. The vocals are heavy and growling, and the pace changes frequently, from speed to quaking riffs.

Crippled Youth Join the Fight EP

Tough young aggression hurling the handballs of power with that all-too-familiar Boston sound deliverance. Kicks into gear with a forceful driving beat that plunges into chunky thrash, as vocals scream and shout over the chaotic pace. Combine a mixture of DYS and SSD in their early prime, thrust the clutch down, and CRIPPLED YOUTH grind down hard and delightful.

The Accüsed Return of Martha Splatterhead LP

You missed last time, so don’t miss this chance, ’cause this firebomb rips with that kind of crazed ferocity of speed, lightning-paced and raw deliverance that cranks the rug out from your feet. The dentist rips teeth from your jaw as Blaine tugs at his frenzied vocals in a passionate form of chaos, and the band giggles with nerve-smashing thrash. The original plus eight new tracks to light up your neighborhood.

The Zolge Feel No Fear EP

On ZOLGE’s third release, that unique wall of sound is gone, replaced with a catchy pop-punk flavoring, still not losing any potent harmonies. Strong instrumentation with tight vocals and good production make for a very sharp delivery. Has a current ’77-punk feel to it. Crafty stuff.

V/A Oi of Japan LP

Well, it had to happen, an Oi LP out of Japan, and it carries all those classic poundings from the English Oi hey-day. Chunky beats with sing-along chants and some wackiness, too. A wide variety of styles to choose from, with BAD VULTURES, COCKNEY COCKS, WANDERERS, BULL THE DOGS, and more. Fun and crazed.

V/A Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil: Hold Up Omnibus LP

Hold Up Omnibus 2 is a speedcore delivery of grinding guitars and heavy power. Metallic licks and turbulent chords make this puppy hard. With the likes of LIP CREAM, GHOUL, UNITED, CITY INDIAN, and SAVER TIGER, the energy is ferocious and grits the teeth. Burly banzai beefcakes to smash at.

V/A City Rockers LP

A four-band effort from Japan hitting on a wide scope of tunes with the maniac punk from GAUZE, PiL-type goodies from ISOLATION and RADICAL, and dreamy stuff from NURSERY RHYME. Great collection to sit back and enjoy when the speed zoomfest is dry. Each band works at their best.

The Stupids Peruvian Vacation LP

Can you dig a title derived of a stupid English punker’s desire to keep up with the hip MRR scene reports, but just being trendy? Yep, the STUPIDS stop at nothing to be bonkers, while the three-piece light the house on fire, then tell the firemen it was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN who went thrash. Fast, fast, faster, the STUPIDS punch it all through the wall with that superb sound.

Neuroot Right is Might EP

Grrrrrr, perhaps the hottest debut yet to smash yer face into the mirror with fast fast crazed rhythms and straightforward lyrics. Intense speedcore chunks of insanity rip this new Dutch ensemble into a stormfest of sonic mayhem. Four songs that slice at the jugular vein and suck all the blood out. This is the best dose in ages.

Lip Cream Kill Ugly Pop LP

As expected, this slab rips most intensely with wild fast blasts of excited energy and raging ferocity. A classic choice speedcore howler with growing vocals and an overall explosion of musical power. One of the ten best bands to come out of Japan that rips with every riff and eats away at your brain. A+ OK.

Heresy Never Healed flexi EP

The new gods of speedcore thrash on a double-sided flexi, pushing six choice tracks into your lungs, but not letting you exhale. Rapid chaos gone berserk with thousand-MPH riffs and lightning-fast exertion. To say it all, this boils to the brink. And for $1.

Corruption of Peace Confusion LP

Now we’re talking—hot Japanese speed thrash with an American singer, and 16 tracks of wailing madness has you ripping your hair out. Great classic intensity in that frenzied vein of DIE KREUZEN and C.O.C., with fast guitar work and slashing drum action, while the vocal has the definite Japanese appeal still spitting at ya. Fab, so find it.

Samhain November Coming Fire LP

The horror continues and in a fine way as SAMHAIN’s third release really paves the way for this unique harmonious outfit of creeping pleasure. Danzig vocals are in fine form, and there is a slight MISFITS aura here. The pace is even good tempos, and sing-alongs ever present—this disc really grows on you.

Maimed for Life Maimed for Life EP

Surefire, hard-hitting assault of turbulent thrash storms your way via this Salt Lake City three-piece. Six power-stroking songs that thrust quickly with barking vocals, snapping out some good lyrical content as occasional metallic leads whine across the atmosphere.

Barkhard Barkhard LP

In the tradition of skate HC bands like AGRESSION and the FACTION comes from Texas a raw, gritty barrage of garage mayhem called BARKHARD. Their members throw all the gusto of grinding, twangy guitars and abrasive vocals into a crazed assault, mixing up a variety of different influences.

No Idea Class War 12″

New Zealand uptempo punk that sounds British circa 1980. Seven songs that toe-tap their way through a variety of styles with ska time beats, medium-paced aggression, and quick dance-step drumming. A fun record that keeps a good momentum.

Last Bomb Firing EP

Raw, savage guitars scream out madly with very American-sounding vocals. LAST BOMB continues in the new Japanese form, yet more of a garagy GASTUNK sound that cries for more. Fast drumming overpowers a bit, but the noise is intense.

Ikkashinju Slow Down EP

Eight rapid tracks that spit and crack, sending chills with the frenzied overdoses of disorderly parts. Guitars are all over this disc, screaming at you with grinning craziness. Radical is a small word for the mayhem that grinds from this unique Japanese band.

Gastunk Mr. Gazime EP

GASTUNK fires it up again with the metallic storm of HC excitement as Baki’s vocals dominate the entire affair, as they should. Heavy and fast, the production is strong, leaving your ears open to the wild attack. Hardcore riffs with metal leads is just one of the reasons this band has risen so fast in Japan.

Flesh D-Vice Secrets of the Estranged 12″

Reminiscent of the first RED ROCKERS LP, this changes and burns with a strong medium-paced feel. Grinding twangs from the guitar are the focal point in the mix and the work’s choice. Well-delivered with a fluid drive, the compositions are musically thought out and catch harmonious notes soon to bounce around the brain.

Crow Who Killed Dove? EP

Fast mayhemic thrash that rips with aggression in the norm of Sweden or the US, this accelerating disc packs a mean bass whallop with loud splashing of the cymbals. Thrusting power keeps CROW alive and attacking with every note.

Aggressive Dogs Dead Janky Girl EP

Raspy vocals hurl themselves over this wall of abrasive power, pushing with shrilling guitar licks and a rapid-paced melody keeping it all chaotic. Enjoyable tracks that are well organized and crank out the energy. Fast, without overdoing it for their style. Japan rages again!

V/A Hiroshima Street Punx2 cassette

A great cassette comp of Japanese scorchers from Hiroshima. Wailing havoc with knock-me-cold punches from FUSE, MOO, DEAR JOHN, and FACE. Rough vocals with fast actions makes for a very exceptional offering. Side A definitely for those GISM/MAYHEM lovers. Intense.

V/A Rapsodie en France, Vol. 1 cassette

The French are smashing the boundaries of speedcore with eight out-of-control fiery bands. Just when you thought the explosion was over, the thrash terrorizes again with VANDALES, the tongue-twisting zoom battle of RAPT, FINAL BLAST, four exceptional tracks from BUTCHER, HEIMAT-LOS, BLOODY FUCKERS, and GONO COKE. There are enough tracks on this tape to drive you totally mad as this is a sheer intensified dose of quality chaos!!

Mobs Projection of Astral Body EP

This Japanese punk ensemble has done a bit of changing since the last release. Toned down, but musically better, MOBS have added a creeping, harmonious flavor to the distinct sound, yet still keeping the pace active and alive. A cult release, but heading towards Japanese positive punk. Interesting.

Butcher Your Hell!! EP

Bizarre mayhem from France with a wild combination of guitar and total distortion bass plucks, as a drum paces forth with shrilling vocals. A unique blend of hardcore staying away from the traditional approach, capturing a very disordered rumbling of bass frequency as the highlight. Very creative, interesting tunes.

Antisect Out From the Void EP

ANTISECT has gone through a few changes, member-wise and musically. Yet, the strong beliefs are still there. The wall of power still exists, but throw in a SABBATH/METALLICA sound influence, and ANTISECT is hitting hard with metallic grinds and vicious growls. Forceful noise that speaks no riddles.

Christian Death Believers of the Unpure 12″

Always been a fan of this morbid, upbeat gothic craft with the frenzied guitar cries, and this three-song 12″ keeps the faith. Tight compositions make for exceptional deliverances in the title track and the harmonious “Between Youth” keeping the haunting appeal and vigorous drum poundings. Will taunt you with the mystic aura and special effects of an eerie soundtrack yet paced a bit stronger.

Attitude Adjustment Dead Serious cassette

The brain blows to smithereens as this nitro-charged speedcore whip hauls at 1000 MPH currents of wind-blown mayhem. Perhaps the best yet in non-stop, tight, aggressive zoomfests of energetic action that cleans the table in the chaotic fashion. Good lyrical content adds to the ferociousness of this rambunctious five-piece.

V/A 1984 the Second 2xLP

Spit out that raging energy with 38 bands delivering a wad of good slugs. This two-LP French comp also features a few international acts. This collection will separate the spine into sections with the likes of S.O.D., PSYCHO, HEIMAT-LOS, SOLUCIÁ”N MORTAL, MELAKKA, BUTCHER, and more. For thrash-mongers and punk-harbours.

Picture Frame Seduction Hand of the Rider LP

An English release that mixes bits of thrash with the sound similarities of GBH and ENGLISH DOGS, but with not the same amount of punch. Musically, it has a lot going for it, but nothing that makes it shine past the stack. Enjoyable and better than some UK releases, but needs that unique gusto to kick the brain around.

Depression Australia Australia 12″

Maniac accelerated speedcore and the bites are intense. Their third release has head-choppin’ activity which never backs off, their best yet. Laced with metallic thrash and abrasive vocals and produced with a booming sound, this crossover ignites to drive you mad. Take off this buckled jacket, I want to flail.

The Swankys This is My Lifestyle! EP

Abrasive, grinding mayhem, crazy splats of distortion, crackling vocals, and the next Japanese cult fave. This CHAOS UK-type noise corrosion slapper growls with insanity, roaring feedback, and those raw barks like stormtrooping bombs.

Subhumans Worlds Apart LP

Take a variety of musical approaches (yet still the style the SUBHUMANS have established for themselves), push it all together into 12 new songs and one instrumental, and the third LP release brings this band even higher in growth, creativity, and continuous stamina. Multitudes of paces and Dick experimenting with different vocal approaches has the SUBS into another serious exceptional effort.

Satanic Malfunctions Verbal Solution cassette

This tape is hardly audible, but the smashings and rantings thrown rapidly at you, with extreme lyrics, give proof that if this band released an EP of quality recording, it would be intense. Don’t let the name fool you—it’s not demonic, but intelligent, especially toward animal rights.

Powerage Protest to Survive EP

Good raw punk, strong and political from South Africa. Comes with a sharp info sheet with addresses in SA. A variety of styles on this four-song EP, from fast to slow. Not what you would have expected, but worth your interest.

Geizz We Wait for Song of Geizz EP

Ferocious carpet-dragging speedcore. This is classic Japanese vinyl meltdown in the aggro tradition of GISM and the EXECUTE. It never backs off with quick, metallic whines, and solid face-punched production, too. Burn, this is fire.

Zerstörte Jugend Spastic Nightmare 12″

Forceful, straight-ahead power driven with a tight, well-matched variety of harmonics and rhythms. Medium-paced for speed and melodic in charisma. Rages in similarities to TOXIC REASONS. Different than their first release.

V/A Babylon: Bleibt Fahren LP

A great live comp with so much energy and solid attacks. Featuring speedy stuff from LÄRM, PANDEMONIUM, WRETCHED, NEUROOT, BOSKOPS, and aggression from the likes of MDC, BGK, AMEBIX, VARUKERS, and much more. Lots of tunes, nicely recorded, comes with a thick book, and is cheaply priced.

V/A Skate Rock, Vol. 3: Wild Riders Of Boards LP

Die-cut cover in the shape of a skateboard, featuring some classic speedcore renditions with 90% new tracks by C.O.C., SEPTIC DEATH, ACCÜSED, CHRIST ON PARADE, BEYOND POSSESSION, GANG GREEN, SLAM, BONELESS ONES, and NO RULES. Will attract a wide audience with this over-abundant sampler.

Final Conflict Final Conflict cassette

Aaaarrgggh! New hot madness strikes with this ferocious demo. New hot young band from the LA area who scorch out the speed and extreme rawness in the vein of ICONOCLAST and early FINAL WARNING. Intense lyrics with a boisterous shouter, backed by thrashing metallic grinds melting into overdrive. This grabs for the blast.

Lunatix Murder on a Plate cassette

Speedcore maniacs from LA strike hard with a unique sound that mixes metallic cranks with full-blown aggression that will meet both grounds and still destroy. Really powerful lyric content that leans toward the vegetarian/political beliefs. Watch for this band as they are sure to grow insane.

V/A Anglican Scrape Attic flexi EP

It’s excellent, yes, with LA speed-metalists HIRAX who scream it out and through your throat; Japanese guitar aces EXECUTE deliver an excruciating blow; LIP CREAM always awesome; and from the UK, mindblowing speedcore stuff from CONCRETE SOX and SACRILEGE. Every person wants this ’cause it’s made by two people who are in the scene, Dig and Kalv. Thanks guys, until next time.

Rattus Will Evil Win cassette

RATTUS just isn’t the band I see going metal; their guitar structure is too HC to say the least. Even though there are plays at attempting a metal crossover, this is RATTUS and they still deliver strong hardcore riffs. Just ’cause a band does a few metallic leads doesn’t mean it’s metal. Some really decent RATTUS material of new form is here.

Phaidia In the Dark LP

Sensational dwellings into the mystical realm of haunting rhythms. Strong similarities to CHRISTIAN DEATH, PHAIDIA mist forth a long LP’s worth of magical, creeping, abrasive, and deadly harmonies that capture the spirit. Good instrumentation and frenzied vocals. If you can get this, it’s a bloody feast.

Mellakka Itsenaisyyspaiva EP

MELLAKKA’s second EP continues where the first left off, storming with fast Finnish beats in the traditional set by LAMA and KAAOS. This is high-caliber stuff and has that continual punch that keeps your ears attached to it. The beat is titanic and the guitar roars, vox effects work well also. Rate it a 9+.

Heresy Never Healed cassette

Formerly PLASMID, this band drives to sheer quickness of distortion and abrasive thrash. The combination of DISORDER meets WHITE CROSS is how this band sounds, and at that level, your eyes will pop out since this rips. This will be the next cult band. Forget DRI. Here’s HERESY. ’Nuff said.

Deformed Blind Faith EP

Grinding, spooky stuff with a heavy drum beat that is haunting in its abrasive persuasion. Combines the flavors of AMEBIX and 1919, for which you get a dark, thrusting sound. Eerie, sinister, the DEFORMED raise three cryptic melodies from the depths, using many effects to full advantage. A creepy delight and a band to take notice of.

Chaos UK Stunned to Silence cassette

CHAOS U.K. represented here with a pretty tight rehearsal, featuring the current line-up doing all the faves and some new aaaarrghabilly classics. This a collection of great stuff for all you out there who eat up those cassette-only jobs. Don’t miss this scourging delight.

Upright Citizens Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains to Think & A Mouth to Speak LP

If you’re unfamiliar with the UPRIGHT CITIZENS, this domestic release is a collection of some of this German band’s finest stuff. Newly recorded, it exhibits the umph and stamina of a well-rehearsed band with exuberant rhythms and strong medium-paced melodies. A good dose of excellent stuff in the BYO tradition.

Sound of Disaster Besides My Head EP

Frantically awesome, this six-songer is a chunky, zooming speed-fest, featuring such a raunched out vocal beset (“Mom Grab Those Little Ones Off the Street…”) continues to sweep the senses as the Swedish mayhem goes totally apeshit. Raw, abrasive, intense, energetic, full-blown torching action will make this a new fave. Great!

Slam Welcome Home EP

A live EP of SLAM cranking out those strong rhythms with effective arrangements and variations. The vocals are extremely raw with a definite deep edge, as the band hits some fast chords, but sticks close to some creative licks. The live mix is not bad, and the energy is very high. A Swedish band with their own distinct style, and good at it.

Gastunk Dead Song LP

Totally mindblowing madness here from Japan. Raging speedcore thrusts out pile-driving chaotic leads and maniac raspy vocals, whose style is unique and adds character to the GASTUNK sound. Fast, maniac slices with some interspeed variations make this one of the hottest Japanese LPs since GISM.

English Dogs Forward Into Battle LP

This album features the addition of Graham (ex-DESTRUCTORS) to guitar duties, whose work is sharp and noticeable. But when the ENGLISH DOGS changed singers and did the classic To the Ends of the Earth 12″, I expected a churning explosion of insanity on this one. Instead, I got half of that. Bummed, but trying to be fair, this has more approaches to mainstream metal than speedmetal, which is well-executed and craveable for all you fanatics. The speed stuff is great, storms with power and exertion.

Civilised Society? Who Would Have Thought… cassette

This great new English band punks forth some outrageous harmonies with nice musical compositions and crafty guitar work. Male and female vocals add nice touches with the changing paces. So much like the original INSTIGATORS, it’s uncanny. Fab stuff!!

Ludichrist The Demo cassette

LUDICHRIST definitely flies for quickness on this 12-songer; has all those thrashing turbulent punches that you love to hear with similarities to great DC bands or to CAUSE FOR ALARM or ANTIDOTE. Wild, chaotic, intense, and full of different variations, LUDICHRIST charges outward with a superb sonic flailing.

Excel Personal Onslaught cassette

Storming out of Venice comes the latest speedcore rave band since SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Fast, effective, with lots of metallic speedy chords, EXCEL is a young ensemble who sounds just too good on this second demo. They attack with a no-holds-barred lightning striking barrage of blasting vocals and great instrumentation. SUICIDAL look out—EXCEL are moving fast.

Pandemonium Wir Fahren Ins Grune EP

The third release by this Dutch thrash ensemble, this EP continues the full-tilt, no-holds-barred, 10,000 MPH barrage of rapid fury that holds a meaner pace than DRI. This is what you thought was fast when you turned up the speed on the turntable. Quick and exhilarating.

Negazione Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere EP

Banzai! Italian thrash merchants explore the realm of 1000 MPH momentous speed and aggression. Zazzo’s vocals scream and cry out in a wild frenzied manner as the zooming mayhem is dished out in sonic drum smashings and well delivered guitar licks. The total blitzkrieg approach of DRI, it has rhythm and quickness. Great release.

Murder Inc. III There is No After 12″

Start off with a blistering attack of grinding guitar and total speed composition in “Uniforms,” to the powerful grinding surge of “Why I” which is reminiscent of early IRON CROSS. Then over to the start/stop chaotic action of “Stoer Zonder Stud” and this Dutch band really catches your attention. They’ve combined lots of variations and different styles to make this a highly enjoyable record.

DNA A Trip to the Land of the Dead… and Back 12″

Swedish exhilaration, wild and chaotic delivering speedy punches with gruff, raunched-out vocals. In the tradition of the SHITLICKERS and ANTI-CIMEX, D.N.A. pushes a rapid pace with enough energy to keep it all together, odd guitar leads and strong bass surges are the prominent highlights as this outfit terrorizes in mayhemic melodies.

The Damned Phantasmagoria LP

A beautiful cover photograph greets your eyes to this slice of horror harmony in gothic punk. Smooth melodic, with that big audience appeal yet still holding those eerie dealings of the DAMNED. The raw craziness might be gone, but what exists taunts you with robust rhythms. Surprising how a band that could do “Neat Neat Neat” does a spaghetti western-type ballad in “Shadow of Love.” Again, this isn’t punk—or is it?

Amebix Arise LP

As if a soundtrack for an ultra-bizarre horror treat, AMEBIX scorches down with a deep, haunting sound while the guitar and bass churn out some cauldronistic spells of eerie havoc. Vocals are booming and strong, pushing with character, and Arise is superbly recorded and shows the improvement of the AMEBIX sound still as powerful as ever. One of the best of 1985. Get it!

Negative FX Negative FX LP

Even though this is ancient material from a band long gone, it is representative of one of Boston’s finest outfits at its time. Holding the distinct Boston characteristics heard in GANG GREEN, SSD, DYS, and more, NEGATIVE FX packed strong musical combustion with hoarse vocal deliveries. Rapid, powerful, and totally enjoyable, NFX is a classic Boston band but this should have come out at its time before all the duplications arose.

Gang Green Skate to Hell / Alcohol 7″

The new refined GANG GREEN has a lot more metallic influences in this approach. A new band with Chris’ vocals sounding different, is this still GANG GREEN?? Maybe GANG GREEN meets AC/DC, but no longer is the maniac speed evident. Good guitar work, but craving the old band. You decide.

Shades of Grey Humble Friction cassette

These Twin Falls lads have really improved since the last time I saw them. Here, they display a rough-edged harmonious sound with lots of good riffs and catchy melodies. Definitely not thrash, but action-packed power punchers like YOUTH BRIGADE or the VANDALS. They could do well with some vinyl or some good studio recording.

V/A Single Ticket to Paradise EP

This is a great effort, totally mindblowing EP featuring POWERAGE, PERMANENT DAMAGE, HUMAN BEINGS, TA.S.K., CANCEROUS GROWTH, CCM, and RATTUS. Just the right amount of sonic speed energy to flail the fire at. A world sampler 7″ that scorches the wax right off some of these so-called sampler LP’s. Yea—I support this, it’s one of those rave reviews.

V/A Rot in Hell LP

Rot’s international comp with 13 bands and 22 songs featuring the VARUKERS (always kicking ass), D.O.S., BLEED, OVERDOSE, OI POLLOI, ANGRY RATS, XXX, NO CONCERN, and more. Lots of good music in a melodic vein, some fast, most medium-paced. Enjoyable for a whole sitting. Check into this.

V/A Party Pooping Punk Provocations! LP

Shesk and the Xcentric Noise R.A.T.S. continue to keep those creative juices flowing, this time with a British compilation. A well-diversified sampler with thrash mayhem from the STUPIDS, Oi-type sounds from SAMPLES and PROTEST, power Britpunk from DEATH ZONE, SELF-ABUSE, ATROX, and ANNIHILATED, and the post-punk melodies of QUEL DOMMAGE with crazy blurbs between each song.

MG-15 Derecho a la Vida EP

Growling guitar havoc highlights this four-song Spanish EP with a sound similar to OLHO SECO. Power chords laced with chaotic-paced grinding makes for an interesting effect. Lyrics are translated on the inner sleeve, but the vocals are harsh with a rough edge that delivers the same bite as the guitar. A good dose to crank it up for raw vibrations.

Jonee Jonee Blár Azzurro 7″

An eerie, sullen filled slice of blue from Iceland with opposing male and female vocals. Very JOY DIVISION-ish in its attempt at a gloom-laden melody. Nice packaging as are all EPs through Diavlery Productions. Interesting and moody.

Hype Life is Hard… Then You Die! LP

Smoking speedcore attack from Canada. Never expected this. Fast punching rhythms with metallic leads and mayhemic chord changes. Good vocals and drum smashing prove this LP to be one of the classic records that you can always pull out and play. First S.N.F.U., then DIRECT ACTION, and now HYPE—the Canadian assault is upon us!

Cult Maniax Where Do We All Go 12″

Clean live recording of the CULT MANIAX at their finest. Powerful Britpunk with crisp vocals in a chanting form. If you haven’t heard them before, they’re not thrash, just tight melodic aggression. But this live recording is too much; great sound.

Crude SS Who’ll Survive EP

Yeeeoowzza! This disc is a flailing sonic eruption! Fast teeth-gritting grinds of raw abrasive combustion with raunchy vocals that roar out in command. Sweden’s CRUDE SS storms six numbers so chaotic with a powerful raging beat that the power is the closest thing to actual destruction. One hot Swedish platter!

Violent Coercion House of Terror cassette

A new band from the East Bay area that features an action power sound with metallic hooks that really drives forth. Medium-paced with deep vocals over a buzzsawing guitar sound that frequently has different chords. Has a unique flavor to it, with similarities to C.O.C., BLAST, and so on. Good stuff to watch for.

Cryptic Slaughter Life in Grave cassette

Zooming speedcore mayhem with wild metallic bites and machine-gun drumming. Rough, growling vocals float over this. CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER mixes the textures of DRI, SLAYER, CFA, and the POSSESSED to bring forth one monster of rapid-fire acceleration for this young band. Wild and intense.

Corrosion of Conformity Animosity LP

Smack! Wallop!…Rough punches of raw lightning-fast metallic energy as this new C.O.C. broadens their audience range. Now a three-piece with bassist Mike Dean coughing out the vocals, the excitement never stops while Woody grinds out the gritty chords and Reed pounding that skin-kit. Might seem a bit different, but no band keeps it abrasive like C.O.C.

Disper-Azione Sempre Immutata Fede EP

Italian speed merchants going all out to zoom out the power chords in the rising Italian fashion. Gritty guitar sound with quick whacks and those tongue-in-cheek twisting vocals. Raw, intense, and to the hilt, this is one good record.

Direct Action Trapped in a World LP

Full speed ahead, this gem changes with a rapid beat packed with storming drum action and quick metallic guitar licks. From Canada, it’s not what you’d expect, as each number is laced with energetic appeal and hollow vocals. For those who like it raging in the speedcore tradition, this baby sets the stylus afire.

Alternative If They Treat You Like Shit, Act Like Manure LP

Entranced by this album, its stylings, approach, and aggressive musical attack makes for a very positive creative slice of energetic combustion. Dueling male and female vocals, sometimes either together or solo, make interesting harmonies as the lyrics really charge home the truth. A great piece in the tradition of ANTHRAX, INSTIGATORS, or the SUBHUMANS. Ravings galore.

Chronic Disorder Chronic Disorder LP

Finally an LP full of raw CHRONIC DISORDER melodies. But these guys are only making 300 copies. Fast and fluid, yet not thrash, with a STIFF LITTLE FINGERS feel to it. Something went wrong on the mixing board, so the recording lacks, but the effort is really there. Good luck with this one.

Putrid Fever Life is Pain EP

From Italy with the potential to be viciously insane, PUTRID FEVER storms with a good musical selection and sharp guitars, but the recording is so mix-matched, it loses the flavor of what should really occur. Get PUTRID FEVER a good recording and look out!

Franti Luna Nera LP

Nice pulsating beats in a haunting post-punk harmony with eerie sax effects. Female vocals sounding like SIOUXSIE or Anja of X-MAL that creep along with the flowing rhythms. Sharp, distorted guitar sound with a powerful drum mix. Interesting but jazzy goodies from Italy, with similarities to early X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND.

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Furious Party EP

CCM’s second release lays in with some intense energy; slow, pulsating openings that explode into raw uncompromising power. Sometimes fast, sometimes driving, still holding a biting edge. A very strong Italian release, one of the finer ones on the new Belfagor label.

Chain Reaction Gabbie EP

CHAIN REACTION really pushes it to be rapid, which is happening a lot with the Italian releases and with good results. Wild vocals and quick drum blasts are really prominent here, similarities to RAW POWER, yet lightning-paced and abrasive. Recording is off a bit, which hurts, but the energy is right on. Craveable.

AOA Who Are They Trying to Con 12″

Gut-piercing guitar ferocity drives this excellent release by A.O.A. to the limit, zooming mayhem with shouts of vocal bellowing. Five songs that deliver well-organized rhythms and arrangements with grinding speed and velocity. Another UK release to capture your mind and hold you captive in sonic ecstasy. Tim, where do you find these excellent bands? On C.O.R., of course!

Offenders Endless Struggle LP

Definitely the LP that should bring the OFFENDERS to the forefront. Strong and vibrant with a force that dominates each track as the music sharply drives a fast pace with rapid vocal spittings. At first listen, comparisons lead toward MDC and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, but the OFFENDERS strike with some well-polished qualities that bring the potential way up. If you liked the first two releases, this one melts them to the ground.

Dicks These People LP

A good example of flexible energy without the thrash appeal. Nifty, grinding guitar work pulsates with each number as Gary’s vocals are polished and creatively sung. The DICKS are seasoned veterans, and show the maturity of the band with an overall fine performation. This LP does the DICKS justice.

The Accüsed Martha Splatterhead 12″

This five-songer rips the hair outta your scalp. Intense, bloodthirsty, and fast. The ACCÜSED have added Blaine (ex-FARTZ) to vocal duties, and kicked in some speed metallic riffs, making this pure speedcore. I was so totally surprised at how good this came out—and they only made 500! This could sell much more.

V/A Hardcore Power Music Part 2

A storming German sampler with all your faves and some new faces. Lots of different attacks with creative approaches, it’s a good slap of Deutsch hardcore. With the incredible INFERNO whose track “Ein Tag im Schatten” really shows their intensity, plus some classic tracks from the MANIACS, MOTTEK, TIN CAN ARMY, and RAZZIA. And new entries by the IDIOTS, LUSTFINGER, KSF, AUSBRUCH, and SCHLUCKSPECHTE. Well done musically, but why do these German labels always rip off Wrightson for cover art? Thanx Winni!

V/A Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing LP

An incredible comp from Holland featuring seven bands with a good selection of several songs each. Lots of good Dutch thrash from NO PIGS, who continue the madness evident on their blasting EP, sheer havoc from S.C.A., power and energy of NOG WATT, the split second attack from GEPÁ˜PEL, the sonic thrust of DEADLOCK, and good tracks from HIROSHIMA NOODUITGANG and INDIREKT. In the tradition of Dutch samplers like Als Je Haar… this is a fine release.

War of Destruction De Dødes Hvisken LP

The savage thrash of WAR OF DESTRUCTION blends a harsh vocal blast with an overall quick-paced ensemble of drum splashings and that unique barking guitar wail, which makes this the best release to come out of Denmark in a long time. Good production gives a fluid bolting feel, as the beginning track “Outro” starts the fire burining! Has a funny version of “Birthday” which is a complete offshoot from the rest of this scorcher! Great stuff.

Vicious Circle Search for the Solution EP

Ramcharging cranks of aggressive power from Australia, sounding a lot like DEPRESSION or PORNO PATROL or STRETCH MARKS. Beefy vocals with active musical compositions, fast- to medium-paced, with a live studio-sounding recording. This band will soon tour the US, so watch out for this burst of energy.

The Stupids Violent Nun EP

Incredible thrash from the UK, without even a trace of the traditional UK sound. Sonic mayhem, quick and vibrant with great vocals and split second attacks, enough to be one of the best HC releases in ages. Packs the punches like the original Dischord releases did—it’s that insanely good. Stick on side A, “Elephant Man” scorches down the eight-song attack. Excellent!

Onslaught Power From Hell LP

Yeeeoww! Definitely the ultimate hardcore/metal crossover, ONSLAUGHT charge with a hard-hitting assault of ferocious rhythms that melt the hair off your scalp. Heavy and fast, this UK sledgehammer barrage pushes an awesome guitar grind with great vocals and continuous action. Intense black speed torpedoes that rifle headlong into severe untamed abrasive vigor. Incredible stuff on COR.

Mobs Diabolism EP

Japanese speedcore with a low-end recording. Scratchy growls are ever-present, with whiny guitars and deep bass plucks. MOBS’ style of thrash is in the GISM/ZOUO form, really spits out the distortion of the prominent sound. Fast, gritty, and abrasively intense, this six-song EP really charges the chaotic crunch. Another of the monster vocal hits.

Laughin’ Nose Get the Glory / I Can’t Trust a Woman 7″

This band should rule the world. They let other idiots do it, and LAUGHIN’ NOSE are much funnier. This band make the TOY DOLLS seem like the merry-go-round compared to the intense coaster. LAUGHIN’ NOSE is jovial, funny, and the lyrics will keep you rolling. Both these songs were on the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly comp LP, yet are still classics and worthy of any collection. No, this isn’t thrash, but hilarious antics in the DICKIES’ vein. Great!

Kina Irreale Realtà LP

Hot Italian buzzbomb laced with metallic thrash-paced guitar whines and changes in tempo running to and fro. High-speed stuff that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, with swift vocals, yet musically it offers a variance like HÜSKER DÜ. Overall production is low, but the music delivers potential goods. KINA are quick and effective, with enough pops to grow into big stuff.

Heimat-Los Schlag! EP

Oui, oui! This blasts and terrorizes in every form, a blitzkreig of maniac rhythms powering an assault of skillful mayhem. From France, HEIMAT-LOS combine a familiar French punk sound with a blizzard of thrash havoc, all worked extremely well and enjoyably pleasant. Sharp instrumentation, with a good mix. If you liked KIDNAP, you’ll crave HEIMAT-LOS.

Ghoul Carry Out Fucking EP

Raspy larynx shouting with a demonic flavor rises with heavy bass lines mixed high in this exceptional Japanese speedcore release. GHOUL mix speed, power, and continuous drum wallops to give a sound reminiscent of GISM, yet with a different drive of aggression. One of the better of the new Japanese vinyl blasters. Get it while you can—they don’t last long.

Gastunk Devil EP

Thrash your brains out with this exceptional Japanese speedcore release. Full of ultrasonic quickness and metallic whines, GASTUNK rivets out three heavy barrages of good rhythms that are powerful and exciting. Featuring ex-EXECUTE singer Baki, GASTUNK does resemble a sound close to the EXECUTE, yet more metal guitar pieces. Really good stuff.

Gai Extermination flexi EP

Unrelenting fury lashes out some speedy Japanese speedcore with overly gruff vocals. Wild, intense, and full of moving rhythms, GAI pushes the limits of foreceful power in the VARUKERS or DISCHARGE vein, yet the vocalist growls the flesh right off his throat. Great stuff to brainbeat to.

Flux of Pink Indians Taking a Liberty 7″

Nice book-type sleeve full of beliefs, lyrics, and art. The musical direction is a weird criss-cross of early FLUX and CRASS sounds, combined with dance-type rhythms, all this shoved into a wild arrangement. Has so much going on, you miss some. Very crazy sound-wise, very intelligent lyric-wise. Overall, a unique release.

Depression Depression LP

Finally, an LP’s worth of mayhem from this great Aussie band. 26 songs pack this platter full of straight driving power punches with shouting vocals and whining guitars. Political lyrics with raw furious music in the true hardcore attack. Some variety, but mostly medium-paced with some fast throbbers. A classic like the BGK LP.

Confuse Nuclear Addicts flexi EP

A lethal brainbomb. Pack the ferocious chaotic attack of CHAOS UK and DISORDER, and plunge it headlong into the grinding speedcore of GISM, and you have CONFUSE. Hungry havoc runs amok with fast drumming and raw grinding guitar action, helps this explode into an onslaught of rapid-fire blitzkriegs. A brutal hammering that is intense and great!

Conflict This is Not Enough Stand Up and Fucking Fight 7″

CONFLICT does it again. Not only is the music sheer energy, thrusting chaotic charges of havoc, fully evident in the B-side with the DISCHARGE-style whines and wails, but CONFLICT’s undeniable power. Check out the fold-out poster and the band’s sincere critical stance, read what they have to say and how they care. Support this. Cheers to CONFLICT.

Concrete Sox Demo cassette

Great stuff from the UK again. Potent riffs with power and might, featuring a great distorted guitar sound that grinds with an echoing feedback. Raunched-out vocals, with a strong bass and good drum hooks, brings this effort into a fast paced charge of exciting melodies in the vein of early GBH or newer ENGLISH DOGS. With this being a four-songer, hopefully vinyl will soon follow.

7 Seconds Walk Together, Rock Together 12″

It’s tough to follow up their exceptional LP, but 7 SECONDS have done it again. These are the tracks recorded with Ian MacKaye in DC, and you can note the influence. All the pleasant harmonies and sing-alongs are present in full form, and the well thought-out lyrics that make this band what they are. A cover of “99 Red Balloons” ought to perk you up, but the other tracks are the real steadfast melodies. As usual, great stuff; get it while you can.

Christ on Parade Cheap, Deformed cassette

Scorching mayhem clobbers you cold with this sonic speed screamer out of the depths of the East Bay. Featuring ex-members of TEENAGE WARNING and TREASON, the new union combines fast thrash with intense lyrical assertions that haul a lightning pace without being of the norm mold. Twin guitar flailings beef up the sound with a good, tight drum assault as Barrie’s scrawling vocals blast it all into an uproarious excitement. New and hot.

V/A We Don’t Want Your Fucking Law! LP

The second volume in Fight Back’s We Don’t Want…, and like the first, the ensemble of bands is a good earful. Featuring new and released tracks by 16 UK and German bands, the music is much softer than the first, yet still potent and powerful. The line-up includes the APOSTLES, INSANE, PARTISANS, RUBELLA BALLET, VORKRIEGSJUGEND, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, WARDANCE, POSITIVE IMPACT, and more. A good sampler and a nice effort.

The Xpozez Forcefed the Truth Drug EP

The XPOZEZ have been around for quite a while and still do not get the exposure they need. This four-song EP should do the job. It is well-recorded, -written, and -performed. Straightforward punk in the YOUTH BRIGADE/GBH category, but with a unique vocal styling that keeps your ears on the song. Good lyrics, good music, good record—what you expect from C.O.R.

Upright Citizens Facts and Views EP

A Swedish release from this German band could prove to be their best yet. Well thought-out English lyrics, and the song “Future Dreams” features crafty acoustic guitar work as the structure is close to that of the ALARM. The other four tunes all rage with clean riffs and rapid aggression. This is such an exceptional release, you should be demanding this in your stores all across the globe. UPRIGHT CITIZENS to tour the US this summer, this could be a band not to miss.

SNFU And No One Else Wanted to Play LP

Rigorous energy pushing the limits of power with knocking flurry and extreme excitement. One of the best Canadian releases in a long time, this album carries a weight of potent hardcore rhythms with some metallic riffs and overall variety of punk harmonies. Dynamic sing-alongs all combined with forceful vocals and an ensemble delivering well-produced goods. This is a scorcher.

Rövsvett Jesus Var En Tomte EP

Incredible Swedish thrash mercenary action at it again, this time from Jerker and RÖVSVETT. Split-second bursts to lightning-fast turbulence with raw, gruff vocals make this an exceptional platter. Eight manic quakes of mayhem and speed to stir some braincells. Interesting and uplifting.

Legion of Parasites Prison of Life LP

Just got this off Sean and does it wail. Great energetic thrash with an American flavor. Well thought-out speed attacks that thrust blazing instrumentals with feverous havoc, still comprehensible with wild screeching vocals. Head-bopping fury continues the pace with nice sing-alongs and interesting leads, it shows you what can be created when a scene falls apart and the music gets more enthusiastic. A great UK release—this could be the UK comeback!

Headless Headless 7″ flexi

Maniacal Japanese speedcore with raw vocals in the vein of GISM, MOBS, or ZOUO. Tight, quick blasts of forging power with metallic leads and splashing cymbals. One of the better Japanese releases, it carries its weight with good musical melodic structures, worked together in an undeniable thrash attack. Worth finding, both sides featuring three ferocious doses.

Disaster Area / Die Schlimmen Finger split EP

“Mommy, can I go out and skate tonight?” starts off the DISASTER AREA side, a German punk approach with a complete MISFITS appeal to it. Probably the first German skate-oriented band, DISASTER AREA doesn’t thrash, but just brings up a good, powerful assault with lots of choruses. DIE SCHLIMMEN FINGER are very similar to DISASTER AREA, yet more melodic with good, creative harmonies; an English Oi sound is close to their sound. Both bands are fun listening and deserve their own respective releases.

Anti-System No Laughing Matter LP

The second UK 1985 release to completely blow me away. This vinyl slab runs rampant with excessive energy, speed, and intensity. Lyrics are strong and abrasive with critical beliefs worked into each song structure. Has the continual power approach found on the ANTI-SECT LP, yet there are more speedcore traces here—fast, blistering chaos, raging with incredible might. Their 7″ was great, but this is ANTI-SYSTEM’s best yet. An “A” for music and ideas.

The Landlords Hey, It’s a Teenage House Party! LP

Virginia’s answer to ADRENALIN O.D. This is wild, crazy stuff that is abrasive and raw, yet still maintains an exhilarating power. Lyric content is sometimes hilarious to uproarious laughter. Then, there’s the serious side. Effective guitar work with good drum arrangements adds special punches along with a Keith Morris-vocal screaming that makes this entire 21-song LP a fun release. One of the better US releases of late from a new, up-and-coming band.

The Brood The Brood cassette

What happens when members of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES break off and form their own band? Well, it’s called the BROOD. Metallic HC with excruciating guitar whacks totally in a MOTORHEAD school of raw energy. This is a good dose of awesome exhilaration. Check into what looks to be a quick up-and-coming band.

V/A Really Fast Vol. II LP

Incredibly powerful Swedish compilation that features 37 songs by 14 bands. Hard-hitting with lots of thrash rhythms, you’ll experience variations of hardcore from fast, turbulent explosions to raw, gut-crunching scorchers. Furious fun from INGRON HUTLOS, MOB 47, NYX NEGATIV, ASOCIAL IRTS, SÖTLIMPA, KRIXHJALTERS, DISTRUST, and more. This is one to check out. Really good.

V/A Fun’s Not Dead LP

Action packed chaos grooved into spasmic colored vinyl. Quick charges of lightning-paced thrash with jubilant tempos and grinding assaults featuring eight German bands doing fourteen sonic bursters. INFERNO, ROTTING CARCASS, CERESIT 81, BOLKOTTZ, WOT, MANIACS, and more deliver some crucial sounds that exhilarate to the fullest.

V/A Eat Your Head 2xLP

The Melbourne, Australia equivalent to Bullshit Detector, where you get good recordings by eleven of Australia’s hottest hardcore performers. The prizes include double tracks by CIVIL DISSIDENT, who undoubtedly are one of the three best Australian bands, and intense stuff by I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVY, who thrash it with humor. Plus excellent tracks by END RESULT, VICIOUS CIRCLE, BODIES, MURDER MURDER SUICIDE, and more. A very quality effort, you can see the heart behind this!

Metal Virgins Animal People LP

Dig sends me this gem. I expected something completely different, instead I get this power thrash attack with a UK punk sound. Solid, driving drums smack with kerranging guitar changes and interesting vocals. Really something good in a different vein, has similarities to a lot of the new Japanese bands. “Rubber Dolls” is a great blistering barrage of mayhem. Fun!

Massacre Tuho EP

Gritting Finnish hardcore with a raw edge. More heavy power than thrash, with whining background guitars and lots of crackly distortion. More of an English sound, but the prominent Finnish vocals are the high of the mix, with pounding drums and cranked guitars in the distance. Good stuff; a good recording could help this one. Still, the effort has the possible thrust needed.

Kuolleet Kukat Isoveli Valvoo EP

Raw, heavy guitar dominates this seven-incher with stern, powerful riffs. Not thrash, more of a hard, grinding sound as this Finnish band bites down four meaty melodies with RIISTETYT-type vocals. Turn this up and the distortion zooms out of the speakers. Wild and frenzied, this is a different type of punk release that still holds that sharp edge.

Instigators Nobody Listens Anymore LP

Simply one of the finest efforts I’ve heard in ages, a five-star rating for those of you who rate. The INSTIGATORS combine such a harmonious charisma in the music they create that the rhythms stay with you, bouncing through your head. Well-structured musical slices utilize crafty guitar work, pulsating bass boomage, drum smashings at the right moments, and a very unique vocalist whose voice travels with the music. Strong lyrical melodies have you humming along in no time. With each play, you’ll discover more magic and be totally hooked. The INSTIGATORS are a band to notice.

V/A Propaganda Live LP

A live release of ten Finnish hardcore groups with a major emphasis on the BASTARDS and POIKKEUSTILA. Good sound quality gives this the right edge, as it is gritting and raw, yet uncompromising in energy. Interesting listening from Rock-O-Rama.

Wretched Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire LP

Italy’s premier scorching attack delivers an outrageous LP’s worth of material. Packaging includes a nice cover illustration by Stiv (TVOR) and a lyric sheet insert, with the translations in English, showing some well thought out writings. WRETCHED continues their thrash barrage with powerful guitars and booming drums as vocals hoarsely growl through lung-filled vocals. Well-produced, for all fans of good, powerful international hardcore. Exceptional.

V/A Painful Haircut cassette

A nice little collection of young US bands featuring MINISTRY OF TRUTH, F, FALSE LIBERTY, ANGRY RED PLANET, CHRONIC DISORDER, NO MORE WARS, STUKAS OVER BEDROCK, E-13, HOMO PICNIC, ART THIEVES, MUSICAL SUICIDE, FUTILE EFFORT, BABY ASTRONAUTS, JUVENILE TRUTH, and MDC. Quality isn’t bad. It sounds like a lot of basement demos, but the effort is well thought out and delivered. A good compilation.

Aburadako White Wolf 12″ EP

A powerful effort that crosses sonic punk with a frenzied, bizarre quality, yet lacing all the different elements of punk into the sound. Chanting vocals with background screams are added for an interesting effect, as the up/down, stop/start chord changes make this Japanese group unusual but enjoyable. Mysterious slices of doom to haunt and taunt at your swelling brain.

Zynthslakt Spray På En Vägg 12″

ZYNTHSLAKT on this solo release pushes forth a full aggressive punk flavor. This Swedish ensemble hits with some hard-hitting blows, using raw guitar and drum mixtures with harmonious vocals, a little say, and just pure driving energy.

Zyklome A Made in Belgium LP

Belgian speedcore at its finest! Fast, electrifying guitar laced with quick drumming and hi-hat smashings. Rapid vocals keep the pace moving at 1000 RPM as ZYKLOME A roars through one besetment to the next blast. This is crazed and frenzied, and put out on the Punk Etc. label. Another European release to sit up and take notice of. It has scorching potential.

The Zolge Crisis My Guest LP

Interesting sound on this ZOLGE release, ultimately using the studio (a good one) to their advantage. A wall-of-sound rock/hardcore approach with much emphasis on the exceptional vocals that have plenty of interesting effects on them. This booms with well-produced power, different and enjoyable. A one-of-a-kind sound.

Zerstörte Jugend Zerstörte Jugend LP

Blows an outrageous stack of volcanic thrash with fast-paced rhythms, steadfast with abrasive vocals and good guitar licks. This German outfit storms wildly with ten lightning-paced maniac doses that forcefully house an abundant source of energy and aggression. One of the best speedcore releases to some out of Deutschland since INFERNO and the MALINHEADS. Really good.

Sötlimpa A Non Fitting Generation 12″

Up-tempo hardcore with catchy rhythms from Sweden’s SÖTLIMPA. Driving pace but it keeps the harmony and beat. Fun, danceable stuff. Too bad it’s a muddy mix; still, you’ll never know as you fly with the music.

Outo Many Question Poison Answer EP

Graunched out growlings that spit out the tonsils are the focus of this Japanese power unit that pours out the distortion and whining feedback. Speed and chaos in the vein of DISORDER/CHAOS UK, with thumping bass ferocity that will erupt your senses with this intense barrage. OUTO has a pile-driving, no-holds-barred approach to chaotic madness, your ears will never be the same.

V/A Yalta Hi-Life LP

Aaa-haaa! here it is! A Finnish compilation with the best TERVEET KÄDET song yet, smokes while the stylus shoots out sparks. Great collection with KAAOS, VARAUS, APARAT, AIVOPROTESTI, KANSANTURVAMUSIIKKIKOMISSIO (say that three times…slow!). Don’t miss this!

Ingron Hutlös Necrophilian Hits EP

Uh-oh, Swedish thrash madness strikes hard here. Wild and grinding, with a Japanese speedcore flavor to it. Outrageous stuff, with crazy vocal antics and lots of laughter and wicked thrills to bend your brain at. Yes, this has potential; blasts the wax right out those ears. INGRON HUTLÖS is a name to remember.

G-Zet 99 Sheeps 12″

Maniacal Japanese speedcore with a lot of bass, driving some outrageous power to the forefront with a mayhemic beat. Metallic guitar riffs, garroting drum pulsations, and that sonic bass blistering. Both songs are instrumentals and each has its own charisma, nothing lost without the vocals.

The Execute Criminal Flowers EP

Ramcharging ferocity from Japan. Wild distorted guitar howls, punching out sonic rage, fierce power with scowling vocals. Intense stuff, quick with crazed leads. “Criminal Flowers” features some eerie abrasive melodies with booming front-running beat. EXECUTE hold their own without a repititious cycle. By far my fave Japanese band.

The Clay The Middle East Combat Area EP

Gut-crunching power thrusts a titanic wallop as the CLAY do their brand of Japanese hardcore. Fast, with enjoyable chord changes and strong leads, has metallic edges broken in with thrash punches; still, it screams with incredible bursts of energy. Potent lyrics on the political side. This is tasteful and scorches. Be sure to get this!

The Varukers Massacred Millions 12″

Here be the newie of the VARUKERS, sounding more like their first LP than that last blast of a speedy DISCHARGE riffs. High snare in the mix, but that doesn’t hold this back. Fast, powerful, and clean in the VARUKERS tradition, but what happened to Bruce??

English Dogs To the Ends of the Earth 12″

Yowsaaah! You say ENGLISH DOGS equals GBH clones, a ho-hum mucacho. You ain’t heard this! Blisters with speedcore franticness, mean with whining licks as it kicks into a maniac pace. Well-organized melodies that cry out in terrorizing metallic thrash. While some bands are trying to be metal, ENGLISH DOGS are just the dawning of speedcore. Put that on again, chalk one up for Rot!

Chaos UK Short Sharp Shock LP

Yo to Chaos and the gang. This album tears me flesh away and sends shivers up the spine as that raw, unrelenting sound of CHAOS UK squeezes me brain boggen in sheer utter delight. Even though this is a new line-up (except Chaos on bass), the intensity and drive that charges forth is mayhemic insanity. In all of the punk globe, only two bands exist that put forth this burly sound, and both are from the same town. Yea, it’s great!

V/A Hardcore Unlawful Assembly LP

Another savage onslaught of that brutal Japanese hardcore. Featuring those masters of growling ferocity, GISM, with two power-crazed cuts. OUTO speeds rapidly with harsh vocals. BAWS come off as an aggressive COCKNEY REJECTS, with lots of chants and Oi stylings. ZOUO plunge into some metallic pieces like a young GISM, with lots of effects. LAUGHIN’ NOSE strikes with a melodic punk appeal, like current YOUTH BRIGADE numbers. MOBS is GISM Jr.—grinding, growling, with all that iron grit edge. COBRA hits with some early garagy punk sounds. And LIP CREAM charges forth with some manic thrash assaults, fast and furious. A great compilation where most songs are longer than what’s in “fashion.” Thanks, Hannah!

V/A Bullshit Detector Three 2xLP

41 underground acts delivering the message of peace and their anger about the corrosion of society. A variety of musical styles, ranging from readings and folk to punk. Loud and aggressive, it carries it all and holds strong. The poster cover features an informative segment on each artist’s lyrics and beliefs. As the cover states, “Don’t expect music when the melody is anger, when the message sings defiance.” With a haunting illo by Naomi!

V/A Beating the Meat LP

Welcome to the X-Centric Noise Cassettes’ “greatest hits” LP—all their best stuff grooved into a fiery wax platter. Many of your favorites first appeared thru X-Centric, and now you can experience the storming energy of TERVEET KÄDET, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, NEOS, HUVUDTVÄTT, OLHO SECO, PROTEST, RATTUS, POWERAGE, CÓLERA, CULT MANIAX, and more. For fanatic and neophyte alike. Support Shesk’s efforts (he’s helped popularize international music for years) and help keep that energy flowing.

V/A 4 Old 7″s on a 12″ LP

So you’ve been crawling up the walls trying to get these classic 7″ EP’s, paying five times the original price for a copy, and now here it is for you all to experience. These are the roots of the original DC sound, with the TEEN IDLES (with Jeff and Ian of MINOR THREAT), S.O.A. (with Henry of BLACK FLAG), GOVERNMENT ISSUE, and YOUTH BRIGADE (not the LA variety ; this one had Bert of DOUBLE O/SECOND WIND) in their debut EP’s. Still classics, and should be part of your collection!

Porno Patrol Jump Back EP

A forceful deliverance of catchy hardcore rhythms from Germany. Coming off with a speedy STRETCHMARKS or G.B.H. sound, PORNO PATROL punches out quick harmonies with jumpy choruses and vocals that dominate the overall sound. Four well-paced songs that kick the walls down. Lots of power and storming prospects.

Disarray Social Victim flexi EP

Seven quickly delivered songs with wild guitar whines, definitely inspired by DISCHARGE (or a speedy MOTÖRHEAD), with convincing raw power and sonic steerings of chaotic disorder. Fuzzy, distorted guitar overpowers each number that feeds back into stomping charges of mayhem. A band to watch for.

Funeral Oration Shadowland 12″

An exceptional record that features rapidly paced power punches on one side, while the other has an approach with raw, haunting harmonies. Side A contains an odd mixture of vocals/instrumentation that works well, especially for audience participation; both lyrically and structurally, the songs are intelligently written. Side B shows the versatility of FUNERAL ORATION’s show, screaming post-punk moods. Fun Dutch music for an exciting listen.

Chaotic Dischord Live in New York LP

Fucking egg, were you at that gig? Fucking 50,000 bleeding punks jammed into Madison Square Garden for this one-time performance. A wall of sound, the punks cheered and clapped all night, giant thrash circles, the pit, it was fuckin’! VAN HALEN was the opening act. But when CHAOTIC DISCHORD came on stage, the crowd went fucking apeshit. If you’re gullible enough to believe this fucking mess, then those thrashing CHAOTICs wanked a joke on you. Oh yeah, say “fuck” every other word. The best fucking novelty fucking thrash fucking album yet.

Condemned to Death Diary of a Love Monster LP

C2D are mostly down to a three-piece (new singer only takes part on a couple of numbers), but still scorching out those banzai power chords. This LP sheers away the flesh with metallic HC, fast with effective grinds, raw thumping rhythms, and whining with blood thirsty guitar leads. If you craved more of their EP, quench yourself on this 12-song gem. And where do they get those song titles??—”Hair Spray Randy,” “Bang Your Maiden Head,” and “Lost Tweekend,” to name a few.

Poison Idea Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12″

Despite all rumors and confusion, POISON IDEA rages with rapid-fire, foaming bites of outrageous energy. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This band deals out the goods with frenetic, hammering madness and rabid intensity thrash-style compositions.

The Zolge Over Alive flexi 7″

An exciting dose of live Japanese punk. This outfit has some potent riffs with hummable songs structures, but a studio recording of this material would be great. ZOLGE should be an exhilarating live band; the power on this record is raw and potent.

Pandemonium Wir Fahren Gegen Dreck LP

Gritty, grinding guitar scratchings wail in total banzais of chaotic thrash attacks. PANDEMONIUM tries to play as fast as possible, which doesn’t always work to their favor…but when it does, it’s a howling barrage of mayhem. Good slow, driving intros, with heavy bass haunting this sonic assault.

Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos LP

Next to the LAMA LP, this is probably the one Finnish release that captures the best elements of rhythmic chord changes, whining guitar licks, and howling vocals. Frenzied compositions rip through thrash and punk, with some metallic overtones. KAAOS have been at it for some time, and this release shows their ability.

V/A Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks: Skate Rock, Vol. 2 LP

Cowabunga! Volume numero two of Skate Rock slashes the vinyl terrain with some surfy-punky-metally-rocky sounds. None of this is thrash—it’s straightforward noise by JFA, the FACTION, Mcrad, TSOL, ANVIL CHORUS, the KINGPINS, BORSCHT, the BIG BOYS, and more. Fun, enjoyable stuff enhanced by good recording, but keep it for after the skate session. Good job, Mo!

Plasmid Lust for Power cassette

A sonic crossfire of furious mayhem. Lightning-fast guitar riffs storm with raging thrash appeal, as PLASMID strikes hard with torpedoing speed in the vein of CHAOS UK or ASYLUM, perhaps the fastest disorder to come out of the UK yet. Strong political and personal beliefs are thrusted forth in this maniac barrage and, though the sound quality lacks slightly, this effort is sheer exhilaration for a four-song demo.

Rövsvett Hunden Beskyddar Människan, Men Vem Beskyddar Hunden?? cassette

Summoning Swedish insurgence that discharges a quick spasm of invasioning disorder and brawling vigor. Jerker’s throat vibrates in growling wails as he wrings out a forceful vocal assault. Compelling guitar structures keep the action alive with hammering drum exertions, as these reels spin off alerting mayhem in that Swedish acceleration tradition. Good stuff to watch for.

The Rutto Ilmastoitu Painajainen EP

An extreme thrash barrage with screeching female vocals that scorch out rapid bulletins of TERVEET KÄDET-ish madness. Featuring TK bassist Piäsky, it’s not surprising that the sound is similar, with roaring drum smacks and driving guitar speed. RUTTO’s second EP is a half-sider packed with three songs that push the frenzied energy outward, but Känä’s vocals steal the focus, as she speedily cries out in shrieking agony. Wild.

Slam Ingens Slav LP

SLAM’s first album is a self-produced release limited to 500 copies, with silk-screened covers made by the band. The music has a forceful presence that captivates as it catapults out impressive rhythms. Twin guitars electrify and head-bopping drum splashes keep a pace that puts the control of the ensemble in high-velocity zest-appeal. Not a thrash record, but a musical bonanza of headlong excitement.

Terveet Kädet Black God LP

Here it is, the craziness of TERVEET KÄDET with their speed-merchant approach and Läjä’s frenetic vocal ramblings. This album consists of material that was supposed to come out in Finland as two 12″ EPs and a live side of escalating cuts. It features the late Walde on drums, and his superb participation gives the “lightning” to the TK sound on this record. This licorice pizza continues the savage invasion of hectic seizures and spewed-out speed that makes TK so classic.

V/A Lasta EP

Great Finnish thrash storms in unparalleled savagery, as this little 7″ delivers twelve slices by ten bands. Urgent commands of chaos scream as TERVEET KÄDET, HIC SYSTEEMI, RIISTETYT, KANSAN UUTISET, SEKUNDA, the BASTARDS, and more thrust a brutal display of effective stamina and potential. A well-chosen effort that serves as the prelude to an upcoming album.

V/A Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack cassette

The second in a series of good Dutch hardcore tapes features the mighty PANDEMONIUM and their brutal thrash assault, FUNERAL ORATION and their crafty manifestations of aggression, plus INDIREKT, C.K.N., SESAMZAAD, BLOEDBAD, and the ASPERITYS. Even though the sound quality is low, the effort allows the zesty music to be heard.

V/A Roodwitzwart LP

This can be quite a confusing record. It features four Dutch bands of different varieties, but the organizational layout makes it difficult to find where and who (although there are booklets and info sheets about the groups). JETSET has a belting punk sound with female vocals and lots of diversity in the rhythms, like a quick CRASS or DIRT; whining guitars and repetitious drumbeats are the musical highlights. BLOEDBAD hits hard with an anti-war/anarchy thrash attack, using basic drum boomings that are mixed too high. MASSAGRAF and BARBIE’S BOYFRIEND both have a slower post-punk sound that utilizes different effects with strange results.

S.A.S. Sing Along Songs cassette

Raw guitars grind and repetitious drums beat, as a raspy vocalist shouts out intelligent lyrics. S.A.S. has a sound similar to early Finnish thrash, with more deliverance added for the foot-stomping pace. Not rapid, but powerful and with a capacity for sing-alongs. Good.

Youth Brigade What Price Happiness? EP

A melodic charge of harmonious exhilaration and robust energetic stamina. YOUTH BRIGADE continues the sing-along flavor with excellent musical ensembles, a highly professional approach to delivering a strong drum beat, hypnotizing bass plucks, flowing guitar chords, and the maturing of Shawn’s crooning. Some might say pop-punk, but what is handled here is a fresh, creative sound that will enter the hearts of a wider generation.

Flesh D-Vice 12 Inches of Hard Flesh 12″

Raging fury from New Zealand. A raw, lightning-fast explosion of boisterous momentum, delivered in a quicker skunky fashion. Strong guitar and bass keep a continual movement of booming force spurting out in flaming vigor, as exerting vocals buck out sonic assaults. Young and compelling.

Krunch När Varje Steg Är Ett Snedsteg cassette

Rapid-fire speed in the common new Swedish tradition. Enchanting doses of uproarious thrash at a non-stop pace that shovels up thundering fury and belts out some bellicose blows. KRUNCH’s invasion is exultant in invigorating, with simpler musical work that’s nevertheless effective and fast.

Anti-Cimex Victims of a Bomb Raid EP

Ferocious speed thrash that continually displays that disorderly early DISCHARGE attack, but it smashed forth much faster. Hardcore guitar soloing whines generate electrical volts, as ANTI-CIMEX spews out an intense onslaught of clamorous nitro-laced aggression. Jonsson’s vocals get rawer with each release. ANTI-CIMEX, the kings of chaos in Sweden.

Avskum Crucified by the System EP

Another boiling speed-merchant band in the tradition of ANTI-CIMEX, right down to the guitar solos. Maniac snarls overbite into brutal distortion and missiling quickness, which belts this hammering havoc into a forceful bombardment of chaotic punches. Great, but not unique—if you ordered this and ANTI-CIMEX, and the records got mixed up, you’d never know.

7 Seconds The Crew LP

Yaaaaahhhhh!! Not since those hot MINOR THREAT releases has a record displayed so much charm that you become an alley cat howling at the moon in sheer excited pleasure. Well-placed melodies and sing-along harmonies sharply deliver 7 SECONDS to the forefront of energetic fun, and a quality production really adds credit to the Brandt brothers’ total dedication. Kevin’s songwriting and impelling vocals yodel the gigantic brilliance, while younger bro Steve plucks out the bass with rambunctious might, and the rest of the band knocks out another superior performance. This one’s stuck on my turntable.

Final Warning Out of Sight, Out of Mind EP

Maximum exhibits of brutal force zoom in turbulent aggression, as this Portland-based band savagely grinds out a storming spasm. A vibrant, discharging guitar sonance drives raucous melodies, swift and fluid, with metallic decibels that piledrive a crude invasion of exhilarating iron licks. A tight new outfit with outrageous appeal, so don’t pass this one up.

The Faction Corpse in Disguise EP

“Corpse in Disguise” comes out as a MISFITS-influenced tune with an unrefined rocky sound. It’s got all the catches and hooks, but like most FACTION melodies it lacks something which is hard to put the finger on. The entire EP has a metal/rock flavor, though the lyrics are getting more intelligent with each release. The FACTION drives a powerful, energetic set live; in the studio, what emerges isn’t usually the same. A young band that’s bound to grow.

Corrosion of Conformity Eye for an Eye LP

Wild, abrasive power that blares out with growling punches of intensity. Snarling guitar distortion and rapid chord changes smack down crucial crunches of feverous exertion, as vocalist Eric rasps out harsh grumbles of throat-bursting ferocity. Fast thrash with raw sonic slaughterings of chaos, thrusted with convulsions of strong lyrical stamina. Only a few bands can excite with C.O.C.’s tough-sounding power. Earth-shattering and ear-blasting.

V/A Holland Hardcore cassette

A Dutch sampler that states “Never Mind the Quality,” when you shove in 70 tracks of pure brutal mayhem and sonic thrash appeal, the results are raw and rambunctious, as nine bands haul their way into the speed record books. The SQUITS, ZMIV, STANX, ZWEETKUTTEN, the VIKINGS, GLORIOUS DEATH, LÄRM, KNÄX, and LA RESISTANCE all break out with full-tilt raptures of intense velocity. Yes, yes, yes!

Extrem / Mickeyman Vorheilen Ist Besser Als Beugen split LP

The EXTREM side is extreme! Raucous cycloning mayhem from Austria, enough driving power and insistent quickness to hurl you into a venture of mega-speed craziness. Savage guitar grinds charge out a brutal slaughter of aggression and combustion, crammed into a wild seizure of raw energy. EXTREM escalate with each zooming slice. MICKEYMAN is Austrian reggae done well, and their punk song is basic and humorous. Don’t miss this album—the EXTREM stuff is drastic plastic.

V/A Angst cassette

Another Boston Tea Party tape from Denmark. An excellent collection of tasty bands featuring the awesome “Havoc Zest Appeal” by WAR OF DESTRUCTION, who terrorize with their unique stylings. Also present are Denmark’s RAZOR BLADES, ILLEGAL 80, and ACTINGS OF A MAD MAN, the forging thrash of BAYONET from Finland, and MELÖSA HEMORROJDER from Sweden. A nice dose of crafty melodies.

The Dead Nittels Anti New Wave Liga EP

Boisterous, growling hardcore from Austria. Named after a politician shot in office—sound familiar?—the DEAD NITTELS thrust forth a bombardment of rough-arsed exertion with raunchy vocals and intense punches of rapid momentum. This barking assault really shows some strenuous roars at establishing Austrian punk in a torpedoing exhibit of alert disorder and exhilarating rhythms. Exciting and young!

Koro 700 Club EP

Skin-ripping thrash chock full of blistering spasms that detonate this Tennessee invasion in the vein of CAUSE FOR ALARM or DRI. KORO thrusts a powerful convulsion of firing speed and rapid guitar screaming that swirls in furious catapults of overall chaos. This scorcher is hard to find.

Funeral Oration There’s Nothing Left To Laugh About cassette

Tremendous explosions of maniac proportions that blisters as it smiles in triumph. Titanic nitro charges of frizzling speed and determined spunk packed by well-written lyrics snorted out in a raging fury. This entire effort reminds me of the NEOS. It is irresistible and crude, as it devastates with hammering force. A band that should not go unnoticed by compilers around the globe.

Cold Dance No Glamour in Industry EP

Compelling female vocals of haunting persuasion highlight this melodic outfit called COLD DANCE, whose sound touches base with a SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES flavor. Gloomy but brave, with a persistence of moody guitar noises that beat with booming frequency. Interesting and effective.

Sekaannus / Massacre split EP

Vigorous Finnish thrash strikes again! SEKAANNUS storm out with a firing presto-paced assailment of tumultuous melodies, as the vocalist snarls out cries and wails in the tradition of TERVEET KÄDET’s Läjä. Brisk activity with plucking bass clamor provide this onslaught with a sound influenced by a combination of T.K. and RATTUS. MASSACRE’s compelling momentum blares out some potent dashes of powerful force, a harder approach with swift twists.

Unicef Kakimassaa EP

Scraping tonsil bites of harsh vocal growlings overpower the raw early punk flavor that this new Finnish ensemble grind out. Not the “stereotyped” Finnish assault of chaotic thrash, but something musically more in the line of PERSONALITY CRISIS or SKREWDRIVER, building a vulgar progression of power thrusted into snarling hacks. UNICEF contains former members of LAMA, but this band is very different. A gargling release.

The Past / Zynthslakt 7 Låtars split EP

Two bands appear here. Rambunctious political punk rushes from the grooves of the PAST. Foot-stomping melodies, shot forth through whining distorted guitar and shrill vocal yells, are pumped in short doses of up-tempo bursts. ZYNTHSLAKT shares a similar quality, dealing more with a harmonious sound than a breakneck attack. Lots of variety, but still holding your attention.

Incharge / E.A.T.E.R. Chaos split cassette

INCHARGE come forth with a powerful strength of bitter thrash mixed with an early raw punk sound. The songs are crude and hard-hitting, but lack a certain posture to keep them standing straight. The music is high-speed and the vocals are slow, which makes it all the more confusing. On the other hand, E.A.T.E.R. continues their banzai assault with songs in their own language (unlike their EP). Two of Sweden’s up-and-coming bands.

E.A.T.E.R. Doomsday Troops EP

Not to be confused with the ’77 U.K. punk band EATER, this Swedish group (ERNST AND THE EDSHOLM REBELS) floor down on the acceleration and rapidly hit fast, lightning doses of 1000-m.p.h. thrash mayhem. An outrageous display of burning speed and mind-boggling turbulence, combined with chaotic chops of lyrical expression. Don’t be fooled by the hilarious intro to the title cut—this EP hauls its load fast and furious in the new Swedish tradition.

Civil Dissident Fourth Rate American Thrash

Impregnated by an orgy of thrash from across the world, Australia shoves forth one of its first high-speed rocketing barrages in the form of CIVIL DISSIDENT. Wild, uncontrolled quickness charges into a screaming fracas of blaring guitars and brawling drum snacks, stinging sharply with missiling vocals and catapulting this nitro-packed projectile head-on to chaotic dilapidation. This rates up there with the current crop of torpedoing intensity that fills this brain’s excitement.

The Bristles Ban the Punkshops cassette

Mix some skunky melodies with abrasive Swedish thrash and you end up with the BRISTLES, who continue to produce high-powered potential mind bombs. Their latest tape release is a step up from their debut EP, all the way around. Storming out the maniac mayhem with blitzing guitar distortion and lots of boisterous activity, whether chanting or slowing down the speedy pace, this fires a full round of quaking thrash. “Don’t Care About Me” is a quick laugh riot.

Asta Kask En Tyst Minut EP

Buzzsaw guitar echoes throughout this Swedish ensemble’s second EP. Tight rhythms of punky-paced aggression, not thrash, to move and sing with. Fast, with youthful energy and a spunky sound, like an exhilarating tune you’ve heard before but can’t place. Seven songs of marvelling headlong titillation.

Nyx Negativ Nyx Negativ cassette

Rapid-fire spears of crunching velocity and severing vocals of raucous scurry carry this Swedish band into blasting raids of accelerating eruptions. Forged in raw, harsh power and torpedoing speed, NYX NEGATIV continue the growing headlong attack of Swedish thrash intensity. Buzzsaw guitar slices hack out chaotic rhythms that rip the flesh in bloody convulsions. Full steam ahead!

V/A Flowers From the Dustbin LP

This limited-edition album from Sydney, Australia features seven bands (POSITIVE HATRED, VELLOCETTE, the KELPIES, QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE, BOX OF FISH, WHAT?, and WORLD WAR XXIV) that push forth a certain energy, but swirls with that so-labeled ’77 sound. Raw and still humming with harmonies and chaotic knockabouts. WORLD WAR XXIV produces the standout tracks, with their raunchy vocals laced with heart-pumping aggression, spun into sing-along “skunk” chanters. For the connoisseur and collector!

Genocide Association Sonik Lobotomy cassette

An amazing 105-track demo that sharply hauls forth wild typhoon madness in incredible bounds. This would be a gigantic English thrash express, but with very close listenings, I noticed that some of the music wasn’t even theirs! A lot of your faves are here—B.G.K., TERVEET KÄDET, CRUDE S.S., GANG GREEN, and more—overdubbed with GENOCIDE ASSOCIATION’s exhilarating lyrics and vocal tracks. It sounds great, but I don’t think this is fair to the bands that made the music, do you?

V/A Chaotische Ostern cassette

A titanic spirit oozes from the reels of this live, exerting collection of raging friction and grinding fury. It features bands from Austria and West Germany, and was recorded in Vienna at an anarchist house during a three-day punk fest. Untamed ferocity devastates frantic spurts of driving disorder, which continually unleash a sonic flail attack. Frenzied, quick, and intense, this thrash compilation digs down with invasions of lightning squashers. Great stuff by INFERNO, KGB, the NIKOTEENS, K-70, and more from Germany, plus EXTREM, DER BRUSTKREBS, and DEAD NITTELS from Austria.

Raped Teenagers War Child cassette

A strong politically minded band from Sweden in the vein of DISCHARGE, including the metal-laced flailing. Quick, turbulent charges of headlong crudeness, dished up with unclean vocal crassness. The recording of this tape is poor, which dampens a lot of the fire, but the effort is still overwhelming in abrasive force. Powerful and creative.

Ultimo Resorte Una Causa Sin Fondo 12″

Tight, speedy charges of Spanish thrash from ULTIMO RESORTE. Crying female vocals in the vein of RUBELLA BALLET or DIRT, but with their own passionate touch, combined with overall compositions of rapid high-hat/snare slashes and fiery guitar licks, make this a power-packed barrage of dispatched happiness. If there were a hardcore Sesame Street, I have the feeling that this band would do the theme song. Unquestionably a fun possession.

Mental Crisis Rules of Conduct cassette

A gut-punching guitar yields a sonic storming of galloping action. Young, unyielding aggression pumps out some fast mayhem that crosses into dreary slow tempos, then pushes back in full maniac fashion. Reminiscent of early 7 SECONDS, this Missouri outfit needs to grow with the sound they are establishing. The enthusiasm and punch is strong, and there’s a dizzying barrage of splashing melodies, but the unoriginal drumming needs its own style. MENTAL CRISIS could be a potential menace.

Protest Vinyl Overload EP

Skunking punk that chants, howls, and whines. In “Oppressed,” a haunting bass line echoes in the foreground as a whipping guitar cry plucks distorted noise in an early GANG OF FOUR-meets-Oi fashion, a very sharp arrangement with chomping drum spatters. It’s been a while since PROTEST have had a vinyl release, and with these singalongs and foot stompers, they come out sounding like a very mature SHAM 69 or COCKNEY REJECTS. An enjoyable dose of difference.

NV Le Anderen A Way to Spend Your Life LP

Much stronger than their first release, this Dutch ensemble now drives to the hilt. Quick, effortless, and savage shrills of gut-grinding stormers with bulldozing power chords combine to create a vivacious delight. NV LE ANDEREN come off like BGK, without so much speed and closer to the VOPO’S metal edge. Interesting rhythms and concentrated riffs.

War of Destruction Nazisvin EP

Mind-boggling growls of speedy Danish hardcore. WAR OF DESTRUCTION hit hard with a swirling rapid barrage that claws forth high, grinding vocals, abrasive guitar, and slashing cymbal splashes. This debut vinyl offering shows an inspiring promise of cranking aggression and quick sonic blasts, the type of sound that has made current Finnish, Swedish, and Dutch hardcore so earth-shattering. Put a check by this one.

V/A Second Time Around cassette

By the look of things, Punk Etc. will put Belgian hardcore in the minds of all dedicated fanatics. This is an outrageous cassette collection of six bands (MORE ACTION, ZYKLOME A, SUBVERSION, KRANK, FIXATION, and the DIRTY SCUMS), featuring vigorous approaches to power and speed, each exceptional in its own way. Support this label, because their attitude is what punk is all about.

Moral Demolition / Zyklome A Repression split EP

Manic explosions of blasting Belgian hardcore that fracture the sound barrier. ZYKLOME A quickly plummet into the realm of thundering chaotic excitement, as a frantic tearing guitar levigates the eardrums. If that assault isn’t enough, flip this monster 7″ over and prepare for MORAL DEMOLITION. Zooming brain-blistering speed breaks out into a rampage of devastating headlong exhilaration. Tongue-tying vocal rushes zero in on this thrash treasure, and “Killer Cops” brings down the house. Just when you thought it was safe, along comes fantastic Belgian hardcore. Thanks to Bart.

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig Wij EP

A rifling blizzard from Belgium rivets into intense bolts of heavy turbulence, jumping outward with immediate attacks of noise, insistence, and maniac brilliance. Emergent guitar leads and volleys of frenzied vocal clamoring thrust out flames of flooding fury and ignite this explosive combustion of harmonious Belgian punk.

Blitzkrieg Complete Disarmament LP

This is a Dutch anarchist band that’s been strongly influenced by the approach of their cousins across the English Channel, but they’ve also added some American-type thrash in a few songs. Each track is in a different style, and some are quite innovative, though most are derivative. I personally enjoy listening to this well-executed and well-meaning album. Still I can only give it a “not bad” rating, so check it out for yourself.

Killroy 99 Bottles EP

Shouting and screaming, lunging out with harmonious melodies and musical chording at foot-stomping speed, KILLROY charges forth. A Southern California outfit that definitely pushes forward chanting energy with twin crooners, thumping drums, and an overall sound that will remind you of rejoicing Englishmen like the COCKNEY REJECTS or LA’s YOUTH BRIGADE and ADOLESCENTS.

V/A Rotterdam Spunk LP

An intense formation of varied types of punk from Rotterdam, featuring different bands with unusual styles and approaches. From fast attentive thrash to early ’77 punk to strange punk, this piercing display of hectic vinyl features MORAL VIRTUE, DEBIELE EENHEID, FORMAUNE, the SCHIZOIDZRENICS, KOTX, BUNKER, SPIKED COPY, N.O.A.T.H., ENDLÖSUNG, and numerous others. Another good, interesting, and effective compilation.

Inferno Gott ist Tott cassette

A fiery eruption of clamorous urgency, storming out insistent pursuits of turbulent aggression into crushing unrestrained power. INFERNO boils over in flailing thrash excitement. A blazing outfit of riveting nitro speed and amplified havoc, much like the BASTARDS or the NEOS. Crank this one into the reels and explode.

Agent Orange VD EP

Holland’s AGENT ORANGE continues to flourish with rambunctious cranks of intense mayhem. Whining guitars leap forth as a savage ensemble engages in sudden rages of rigorous combat. A whirlpool of alarming breakneck speed and forcefulness, especially in blitzing cuts like “Herpes” and “K.K.K.”

Jerry’s Kids Is This My World? LP

An adventure into hyperactive, full-tilt, bulldozing quickness and thundering power. This overwhelming supply of burning rapid-fire speed destroys the mold, exploding into maniac doses of invincible strength and energy. Bolting drums, high-velocity crooning, and hysterically blistering wild guitars (featuring ex-GANG GREEN axeman Chris Doherty). JERRY’S KIDS totally shred the eardrums to mincemeat. For the fast fanatic’s cravings; the essence of what other will try to duplicate.

Offbeats Why Do You Hang Out? EP

Ohio’s OFFBEATS provide eight lunging melodies of eager exhilaration and swiftness. Strong voltage carries a cargo of stimulation and singalong strutters with scorching boom-crazed guitar. Action-packed juices flow wildly with each agile OFFBEAT firebolt. Like the label states, “Smell the fun.”

Crude SS Crude SS Demo Cassette

Throngs of grinding guitar intensity, distinctive disorderly grates echoing subcutaneous rips of emergent power. CRUDE SS defiantly blaze impetuous rawness, a sonic inferno of chaotic crunchers bolting forth storming drum booms and menacing guttural vocals. A brutal untamed force, unrestrained outrageous wailings of frantic guitar cavortion highlight this fierce arrangement that exhilarates to the maximum with a strong character of stimulating popularity. From Sweden this is rapidly delicious.

V/A Grevious Musical Harm cassette

39 ferocious tracks of initiative and unlimited distinction. A delicious meal that needs no silverware to swallow this spectacular cranium-crunching ensemble of unrestrained activity. Featuring bands the globe over… Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, and more with batter-ram assaults by POISON IDEA, RAZAR BLADES, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, POWERAGE, DESTRUCTORS, 5° BRACCIO, and the intensity continues. Pick this one up quick.

Mornington Crescent Greetings from Amsterdam EP

1000-mph lightning darts. Rapidly flailing unbelievable lashings of tremendous thrash. But wait, bring that all to a screeching halt. The label states 45 RPM, which would make this the wildest vinyl in existence, but it’s actually 33. The music is still manic, uncontrolled fury busting out of the asylum, but the vocals become the rawest, severest case of throat growls and harsh havoc ever. At either speed, this four-song EP leaps forward with hammering rage and ecstatic swiftness, the caged beast unleashed.

Riistetyt Skitsofrenia 12″

RIISTETYT continues to produce insistent cranks of compelling aggression, an invasion of rapid-fire artillery frenzied in a blizzard of thrash. This time, they come out more musical, glowing with a metal appeal, strong leads, and creative arrangements, but still with the velocity of a speeding train bombarding the tracks in quick pursuit. Another overwhelming blitz of amplified mayhem that shatters the senses and leaves the body spasmodic.

Unnatural Silence 20 Song Demo cassette

Wild blistering insanity. A whirlwind of pile-driving quickness blasting explosive vocals at a sonic split-second rate; crazed grinding and drum crashing rapidly storms this band into an invading blizzard of frizzling thrash extraordinaire like DRI. Brutal non-hesitant lyrics (especially “Misfits Are Innocent”) keep the nervous system running amuck. This tape is a must.

V/A O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo LP

Raw, full of energy, recorded live from the punk festival in Brazil (November 27-28, 1982), and featuring nineteen bands scratching the vinyl in a brutal assault of blistering fury. Attacking, incinerating numbers by OLHO SECO, COLERA, LUZIO FINAL, HINO MORTAL, and FOGO CRUZADO surge forth in a stampede of bulldozing mayhem that is hard and abrasive, carrying a heavy momentum of unrelenting power. The live recording is the only thing that mars this effort.

DYS Brotherhood LP

A contagious masterpiece. DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH SERVICES ricochet outrageous doses of full horsepower across the cranium. Strong instrumentation provides an invincible attack of intense staggering speed, rawness, and momentum. An unrelenting, sustained guitar growls and whines, as crushing vocals lunge out notes of gnashing abrasive melodies. From Boston, the DYS rate high with the likes of SS DECONTROL and NEGATIVE FX. A shimmering release.

Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies LP

Blistering rough-arsed metal thrash! Untamed havoc of shimmering propensity, thrusting wild whines of alarming guitar wails into glass-shattering breakneck speed as chilling vocals by the storming crooner Mike Muir claw forth a devastating attack. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are a screaming cyclone of sheer power and determination, and this LP shows why they have such a strong following.

Youth Brigade Sound and Fury LP

The re-release of this LP, since the Stern brothers weren’t too happy with the first and were determined to put out a true quality product. Features only four songs off the first, and when these guys do something right, they go all out! This totally enjoyable slice of black vinyl is perhaps one of the best records money can buy. Lots of diversified touches, variations, and good harmonies from punk rap to hardcore speed and energy, which has all the melodies rumbling in your head. When you get bored of the rest, this performance will still reside on your turntable.

The System Thought Control cassette

Inveighing lyrics highlighted by a raunchy hard-edged guitar sound that whines and grinds. The SYSTEM make a blend of melodies and vivid rhythms that are distinct and vivacious, a raw exhilarating sound similar to ANTHRAX or CRASS, but with a strength all their own. Good enjoyable music.

Rudimentary Peni Death Church LP

At long last, a RUDIMENTARY PENI album. The band delivers the essence of total imagination into their music, lyrics, and art—complete originality. Fast, creative, and haunting, the fascination continues with this overwhelmingly intense display of lunging vocals, screeching guitars, enticing bass, and roaring drum abrasiveness. Once again, the brilliance that is RUDIMENTARY PENI.

Asta Kask För Kung & Fosterland EP

Hardcore meets rock. Quick and melodic thrusts of boisterous energy from Sweden. Powerful harmonies and leads assaulting with raw harsh vocal cracks; foot-tapping insistencies stand triumphant and chanting. An excitable release.

Bastards Järjetön Maailma LP

Finland’s premier kings of total chaotic thrash. Hard-hitting, tight, and explosive fury with a metal edge. Bellicose convulsions of an invincible split-second attack of unrelenting mayhem. Brutal insistence sledgehammers an increasingly assertive charge of aggressive, raucous, rabble-rousing clamor. The BASTARDS’ velocity continues to be extraordinary, and they’re always creating more.

Les Cadavres / Vatican Split 12″

Clean production and sound quality, but the big question is “where is it from?” France, perhaps? LES CADAVRES have a strong style that resembles fast hardcore and the early COCKNEY REJECTS, with its chants, twin guitars, good hard vocals, and an overall good mix. VATICAN is slower and raw, with a driving punch of early punk styles like the SKIDS or GENERATION X. A very interesting effort.

Rattus Uskonto On Vaara 12″

RATTUS combustion, startling adrenaline speed and hammerhead blows of power. Featuring the new high-velocity rasping vocals of Annikki, RATTUS virtually sweep forth with sharp-edged earloads of riveting force and disorderly rapidity. Brilliant Finnish hardcore, unhesitant and explosive assaults of raw nitro energy.


Invigorating thrash, compliments of this three-piece Swedish barrage of chaos. Frantic flailing of whining guitar sledgehammers breakneck speed, an invasion of energetic rhythms with toppling drum mayhem. Another staggering Swedish band that delivers Herculean strength like HUVUDTVÄTT or ANTI-CIMEX.

Unter Den Linden Motstånd I Läder EP

The cover will fool you. Stirring feedback erupts into screeching strikes of unrelenting acceleration. Amazingly fast exertions of detonating disorder from Sweden. Packs all the punches of exuberant split-second nitro blastings, with chaotic guitars wild and frenzied, savage drumming, and vociferous vocal piercings. One of the best international 7″ers out. Thanks to Jerker!

Waste History Repeats EP

Swirling guitars, spinning fast psychotic grinds of explosive vigor. Enter WASTE from Holland, yet another approach to quick demanding hardcore and punk, completely different than AGENT ORANGE or BGK. WASTE is aggressive; an onslaught of butchering mayhem bolts you to the electric chair with schizoid charges of outrageous fury.

V/A Chaos in France LP

Chaos Productions presents thirteen bands from France. A multitude of different noises ranging from hardcore to skin chants. Reminiscent of English punk circa 1981, sometimes too similar. Has a lot of power and ambition, but needs more creativity.

Wretched In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E’ Stato Fatto… EP

The second release by Italy’s WRETCHED. Lightning fast disorder whirlpools completely unrestrained destruction, as wailing guitar bashes and shrilling raw vocals journey the cranium into a bulldozing bombardment of maniacal unhesitant crushing speed. If you’re a fan of the NEOS, TERVEET KÄDET, or DEEP WOUND, feel the colossal quickness of the WRETCHED.

Misfits Evilive EP

Finally, a frightfully fast, fierce live dose of those fiendish ghouls, the MISFITS. Captured in NY and SF, this garroting performance shreds away the bloody flesh as razor sharp fangs glisten at the power and speed from beyond the grave that truly represents the MISFITS excitement. Look out for Die, Die My Darling and Earth AD.

Black Black cassette

BLACK, now called BLACK FIELDS, present an enticingly raw and unrelenting garage sound that closely resembles a CRASS sound or LA’s YOUTH BRIGADE. Not thrash or chaos, but very energetic punches of staggering impetuous euphoria.

Chaos UK Chaos UK LP

Wild, crazy, unrestrained maniac convulsions of savage feedback and chaotic harmonies. Raw unmatched strength monstrously screeches frantic fury at unrelenting full frontal thrashings. Features a new hard larynx vocalist, as this LP rates right up there with mates DISORDER.

Chaotic Dischord Never Trust a Friend EP

Rough-arsed ruckus of rambunctious chaos, ear piercing and boiling feverishly as it hammers bellicose grinding commotional attacks. If this is what VICE SQUAD does without Beki as a way to burn their mates, then flush Beki and continue with this explosive mayhem.

Icons of Filth Not on Her Majesty’s Service cassette

In the UK tradition of superb bands like the SUBHUMANS, ANTHRAX, and the DESTRUCTORS, the ICONS OF FILTH saturate the mold, storming forth with powerful clamorous drum blows amplified by brutal raucous vocals and outbursts of whiny guitar licks. Fast music highlighted by an artillery of anti-system lyrical content, which makes this quite an enjoyable debut.

APF Brigade God the Tape

ANIMAL/ANARCHY, PEACE & FREEDOM BRIGADE from England give a diversified approach to the talent that exists in music and how to express it. Triumphant lyrical manifestos describe the actions and stupidity of mankind, its conquest for control towards idiotic destruction of the earth. 60 minutes of avant-garde, folk, and fast surges of variable musical styles.

Assassins of Hope Slowmotion Suicide cassette

UK grass-roots punk. Rumbling garagy sound onslaughts with cacophonous assailments of vocals, guitars, and abrasive cymbal shattering, detonating a very raw unrestrained echoing flavor. Featuring both male and female vocals, ASSASSINS OF HOPE boom out a rousting rigor of intense rhythms and savage lyrical exertions.

The Varukers Album Demo

Outrageous cranks of nitro-injected rapid explosions surge jarring uncontrolled vigor into charging intensity. Fast, powerful chords of raw persistence push the VARUKERS past their first two releases. A dynamite demo—if only a record company would decide to use it.

Headcleaners Extrem EP

This is an EP of HUVUDTVÄTT’s (the HEADCLEANERS’) first two half-sided 7″ers. Side A is HUVUDTVÄTT with Swedish vocals, very quick assaults of blistering thrash with two songs featuring a flute solo and a violin solo shrieking along with the speed. Side B is HEADCLEANERS with English vocals, still more flailing doses of intense speed. Great Swedish hardcore.

M.A.P. Kaasua EP

Not the more ferocious Finnish thrash, but rawer with a ravaging harsh guitar and bass sound. Has a crunching persona in its quality to be turbulent with the bulldozing power of boisterous insistancy. Features Walde, who now drums for TERVEET KÄDET.

V/A Papi, Queens, Reichskanzlers & Presidennti EP

From Italy with interesting sleeve packaging, a 7-song sampler that presents bands from many free-minded European lands. Italian bands SOTTOCULTURA, KOLLETTINO, and 5° BRACCIO jolt forth a monumentous thrash attack of havoc. Speed merchants STROMSPERRE wail from Germany and KAAOS fire a split-second barrage from Finland. Also, there’s TOTAL CHAOS from the UK and a slower, more relaxed song by IRAH of Italy. Impressive.

Part 1 Funeral Parade EP

The realm of death. Frenzied punk creative guitar feedback frightfully shrills terror and morose. Echoing drums pound shimmering insanity, evil. Haunting vocals taunt vivid lyrical descriptions of fear, anti-God, and anti-system. True music to reality’s horror show. Sullenly slower but poses the same brilliance as RUDIMENTARY PENI. Psychotic fold-out cover art is exceptional. Worth your interest.

Necros Conquest for Death / Take ‘Em Up 7″

“Conquest for Death” is a raw uncontrollable rage of rambunctious combustion. A fast, forceful frantically paced flailing stormer against competitive nature. An outrageous single venture before they release the upcoming LP.

SS Decontrol Get It Away 12″

The second full frontal assault of raw, rigorous rapidity from SSD. Seven more classic attacks of persistent manifestation. Springa’s harsh garroting vocals onslaught wild power as the band, now featuring a second guitarist, delivers some intense unrestrained material. The year’s best so far.

V/A Raw War cassette

The best international sampler cassette available, with bands from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, and UK. Features TERVEET KÄDET, NEOS, OLHO SECO, INDIGESTI, RATTUS and more! A lot of jarring explosive doses of chaos from the world of punk.

Minor Threat Out of Step 12″

Exploding turbulence thrusts forth eight new MINOR THREAT proficient arrangements. Increase the velocity of their first two powerful releases, step Brian up to second guitar, add new bassist Steve, and still more potent lyrical blitzes, and this 12″’s non-hesitant progression outbursts into the blazing best Dischord yet. Don’t miss.