Offenders Endless Struggle LP

Definitely the LP that should bring the OFFENDERS to the forefront. Strong and vibrant with a force that dominates each track as the music sharply drives a fast pace with rapid vocal spittings. At first listen, comparisons lead toward MDC and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, but the OFFENDERS strike with some well-polished qualities that bring the potential way up. If you liked the first two releases, this one melts them to the ground.

Offenders I Hate Myself / Bad Times 7″

More high-powered thrash from the OFFENDERS. This time, they’ve managed to capture an incredible guitar sound, one that reminds me of HÜSKER DÜ’s. “I Hate Myself” just careens right along, whereas “Bad Times” has a slow, lengthy, half-spoken intro. Ace.

Offenders We Must Rebel LP

The spirited thrash attack on this album recalls the work of the very best Texas bands, and reveals lyric concerns which mine a blend of youthful outrage and rebellion. “Fight Back” and the LP’s title song rate as my favorites, but the entire record demonstrates remarkable consistency—a factor in no small part due to the wild, raucous production. An exciting and distinctive release.

Offenders We Must Rebel cassette

An awesome Austin band that includes ex-MDC bassist Mike. Their music reflects that to a certain degree, but there is also a classical thrash/punk feel to this tape, not unlike MINOR THREAT and 7 SECONDS. It’s much faster than their earlier single, so watch for new vinyl this summer.