Depression Big Brother EP

A speedcore instrumental edge, featuring hard, fast guitarwork, underlies the three songs here, which operate in a faster HC vein. Powerful, but lead breaks and lackluster songwriting detract from this effort.

Depression Australia Australia 12″

Maniac accelerated speedcore and the bites are intense. Their third release has head-choppin’ activity which never backs off, their best yet. Laced with metallic thrash and abrasive vocals and produced with a booming sound, this crossover ignites to drive you mad. Take off this buckled jacket, I want to flail.

Depression Depression LP

Finally, an LP’s worth of mayhem from this great Aussie band. 26 songs pack this platter full of straight driving power punches with shouting vocals and whining guitars. Political lyrics with raw furious music in the true hardcore attack. Some variety, but mostly medium-paced with some fast throbbers. A classic like the BGK LP.

Depression Money Chain EP

DEPRESSION’s virgin vinyl reveals a shift from the metallic thrash of their demo cassette to a slower, more grinding metal attack. The tempos are mostly slow and steady, the guitar leads are prominent, the lyrics are excellent, and the overall sound is very English. “World Leaders” is the fastest, most appealing cut.

Depression The Death Squads cassette

Fifteen songs are on this tape, but because of the poor sound quality, it’s hard to hear one of Australia’s best thrash outfits wail away. Despite this, DEPRESSION exhibit some real mania here. Fortunately, they’re about to release some vinyl, so hold tight.