Conflict Turning Rebellion Into Money 2xLP

This live recording of the Gathering of the 5000 features a good selection of CONFLICT material plus several CRASS numbers done by CONFLICT and Steve Ignorant. For the most part, all 32 songs have a good sound, but the band does have some problems with the CRASS music. Included is a lyric booklet that contains a full explanation of the event. Both ups and downs.

Conflict Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI LP

A live “benefit” LP, this one to help various centers aiding in riot defense zones. The target here is unnamed (a band who “sold out” to EMI), but should’ve been since it’s not obvious to most people I’ve asked. Recorded at the Olympic in LA, the sound is appropriately live, and quite energetic with 22 songs. Anyway, CONFLICT, after you get done ranting about other rip-offs, why not send MRR the $30 you owe us for your ad of last year?

Conflict The Battle Continues 7″

One of England’s most powerful bands release two new songs very much in the true CONFLICT tradition. Shouting loud guitars, and pounding…all backed by excellent production. My only complaint is that no lyrics are included; from a band that in the past has had so much to say, this is something of a let-down.

Conflict This is Not Enough Stand Up and Fucking Fight 7″

CONFLICT does it again. Not only is the music sheer energy, thrusting chaotic charges of havoc, fully evident in the B-side with the DISCHARGE-style whines and wails, but CONFLICT’s undeniable power. Check out the fold-out poster and the band’s sincere critical stance, read what they have to say and how they care. Support this. Cheers to CONFLICT.

Conflict Increase the Pressure LP

The A-side is smashing—full of power, anger, and determination. Excellent stuff that’s superbly produced! The flipside is taken from a live performance; I have a general dislike for live recordings, and this one is no exception.

Conflict The Serenade is Dead EP

The three very militant, confrontational, and positive songs on this EP demand that we take back what should already be under our control, be it our governments or the punk scene. The reason I say “positive” is that they stridently demand these rights. CONFLICT represent the real positive punk, and they are therefore justified in launching a spirited attack on bogus “Positive Punk,” the new trend fanned by the British music papers. The music here is also strident and powerful, making this an excellent acquisition all around.

Conflict To a Nation of Animal Lovers EP

CONFLICT return with more CRASS-like pile-driving punk on “Berkshire Cunt,” along with a very heavy anti-vivisection theme throughout this EP. Both are immensely powerful in their own distinct way, and the gruesome pictures should stimulate some animal lovers into action. Not for the faint of heart or weak of ear.

Conflict It’s Time to See Who’s Who LP

A very well produced record by a band heavily influenced by CRASS. The punk herein is sometimes slow, sometimes frantic, but always political. Most of the songs have that well-known militaristic sound, but a few are downright melodic. The multi-colored sleeve is unusual for a Crass-related label, and there are some real musical moments here. Don’t miss out.

Conflict The House That Man Built EP

Of the four tracks on this record, “Wargames” blazes through familiar hardcore territory, anti-war protest, with economy and splendid production values, while “I’ve Had Enough” connects with a poppier approach. The other two numbers, more workmanlike and less inspired, still hold enough requisite punk energy to be recommended. A fine debut.