Gudon 卑下志望 EP

Waging warfare of rampant guitar wails with deep barking vocals, that has a pace quickly grabbing your attention with sharp intent. Sheer exertion to keep attention with sharp intent. Sheer exertion to keep an upfront attack of blacking instrumentation with the proper noise of the wicked voice to sink his chompers in your brain.

Gudon 残忍聖者 flexi EP

Complete noise mayhem beyond belief with gruanched-out vocals over a mad guitar strumming full of feedback and splattering distortion. Splashing cymbals give the pace. An adventurous thrash barrage as the musicians have gone bonkers. Wild and truly just out of the asylum.

Gudon Brutal Saint flexi EP

The production on this classic transforms a garage thrash band into a psychotic mess. Atonal thrash with inhuman vocals put through some kind of mixing madness, producing totally crazed rock’n’noise. Twisted!