Headcleaners The Infection Grows EP

Although the production here isn’t as guitar-heavy as it was on their Disinfection EP, this is another stellar HEADCLEANERS (HUVUDTVÄTT) release. They play thrash that’s manic and brash, but also very catchy and full of weird, searing guitar parts. “No Sense” is awesome.

Headcleaners Extrem EP

This is an EP of HUVUDTVÄTT’s (the HEADCLEANERS’) first two half-sided 7″ers. Side A is HUVUDTVÄTT with Swedish vocals, very quick assaults of blistering thrash with two songs featuring a flute solo and a violin solo shrieking along with the speed. Side B is HEADCLEANERS with English vocals, still more flailing doses of intense speed. Great Swedish hardcore.

Headcleaners Disinfection EP

Manic thrash punk with gravelly Oi singing. With its speed and intensity, this is probably the best record yet from Sweden. They thank BLACK FLAG, the DEAD KENNEDYS, DISORDER, and Dischord Records on their info sheet, which should give you some idea of their influences.