Riistetyt / Rattus split cassette

Both sides are “live” recordings from mid-’84, and while the sound quality is decent, there certainly has been plenty of other material (both live and studio) by both bands. In fact, I’d say that they’ve glutted the market—between tapes, Finnish releases, German releases, US releases, etc. I certainly can’t keep track any more of what’s what.

Riistetyt Nightmares in Darkness LP

Another Rock-O-Rama bonus album with a side each of studio and live compositions. All of the studio material (some of which was previously released on their last Finnish 12″) exudes that trebly thrash feel that one associates with CHAOS UK, and special mention should be made of acidic rockers like “Brainless Violence” and “Skitzophrenia.” The live side varies in quality, with occasional vocal drop-outs, but it’s still entertaining. A fine release.

Riistetyt Skitsofrenia 12″

RIISTETYT continues to produce insistent cranks of compelling aggression, an invasion of rapid-fire artillery frenzied in a blizzard of thrash. This time, they come out more musical, glowing with a metal appeal, strong leads, and creative arrangements, but still with the velocity of a speeding train bombarding the tracks in quick pursuit. Another overwhelming blitz of amplified mayhem that shatters the senses and leaves the body spasmodic.

Riistetyt Valtion Vankina LP

The biggest problem with RIISTETYT’s earlier EP was that the vocals didn’t quite mesh with the musical backing, a discomfiting effect that made it difficult to distinguish between the various 1000-mph songs. That problem has been largely, though not completely, overcome on this intense LP. The drummer gets an incredible workout, and sometimes you can’t keep up, but Valtion Vankina is a great record if you like uncompromising thrash with good political lyrics.

Riistetyt Laki Ja Järjestys EP

More ultra thrash from Finland. On this EP every individual song is manic and would sound super if played by itself, but it’s hard to distinguish between the various tracks when they’re all played back-to-back. I guess distinctive songwriting is what separates great thrash from good thrash, but this stuff is still pretty wild.