The Varukers


The Varukers Prepare for the Attack LP

The VARUKERS’ usual style varies from ultra-intense thrash that rips, to a metal-tinged HC approach with occasional guitar breaks. The latter style predominates here, and although powerful, the song structures tend to become repetitious. Not up to their standard, but it’s still respectable speedcore.

The Varukers One Struggle, One Fight LP

An aggressive guitar sound that strays away from the metal leads and relies on fast-paced metal riffs. The vocals are gravelly, and the music is powerful but repetitious at the same time, yet the band’s message sticks with a hard political stance.

The Varukers Live in Holland LP

This limited edition (1500 copies) disc contains 16 songs recorded in a board mix with good sound quality. The vocals are up-front, with the drums and guitars vying in the background for your attention—not an ideal state of affairs—but the VARUKERS’ material saves this from being “just another live album.” Adequate.

The Varukers No Hope of a Future / Never Again 7″

Both sides contain that old VARUKERS power, although a bit tighter but more restrained before. A good comparison of past and present comes by playing the B-side back-to-back with “Never Again” from their 1981 EP. Something’s gained, something’s lost.

The Varukers Massacred Millions 12″

Here be the newie of the VARUKERS, sounding more like their first LP than that last blast of a speedy DISCHARGE riffs. High snare in the mix, but that doesn’t hold this back. Fast, powerful, and clean in the VARUKERS tradition, but what happened to Bruce??

The Varukers Another Religion, Another War 12″

Nothing but intense, powerful British thrash can be found on this excellent eight-track EP. The VARUKERS mine that middle-peroid DISCHARGE sound and do an even better job of it, especially in vitriolic streamrollers like “The Last War,” “Deadly Games,” and the superb “Seek Shelter in Hell.” The best vinyl yet from this consistent band.

The Varukers Die for Your Government / All Systems Fail 7″

The B-side is the star track here. It has the powerful, thrashed-out VARUKERS we’ve come to expect. They slowed it down on “Die,” which is somewhat disappointing, but it’s still tuneful and well produced. Watch for an upcoming album.

The Varukers Album Demo

Outrageous cranks of nitro-injected rapid explosions surge jarring uncontrolled vigor into charging intensity. Fast, powerful chords of raw persistence push the VARUKERS past their first two releases. A dynamite demo—if only a record company would decide to use it.

The Varukers I Don’t Wanna Be a Victim EP

This record demonstrates improvements over the VARUKERS’ very good debut, and also a development from their early DISCHARGE influences. “Dance Till Your Dead” maintains a thrashy power with added melodic complexity, though “I Don’t Wanna Be a Victim” seems more ordinary. All in all, the VARUKERS mix energetic songs and powerful production with astute, intelligent lyrics.