Negazione Nightmare EP

This record is a re-release of NEGAZIONE’s classic Conannati a Morte… EP with an additional live track, and it displays this band’s absolute command of a fast, frenetic, thrashy, and memorable songwriting style. The live song is a tantalizing hint of how good this band must be live. Great record!

Negazione …Lo Spirito Continua… LP

Acknowledged by many to be Europe’s best thrash band, this release (out both in Holland on Konkurrent and in the US through Mordam) show their power. Songs are multi-layered with lots of growly singing and non-generic structures. Remind me a bit of a cross between the OFFENDERS and early DIE KREUZEN. Yet another Italian powerhouse.

Negazione Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere EP

Banzai! Italian thrash merchants explore the realm of 1000 MPH momentous speed and aggression. Zazzo’s vocals scream and cry out in a wild frenzied manner as the zooming mayhem is dished out in sonic drum smashings and well delivered guitar licks. The total blitzkrieg approach of DRI, it has rhythm and quickness. Great release.

Negazione Tutti Pazzi EP

NEGAZIONE musters up one of the most ferocious Italian EPs I heard in a long, long time. Crisp production adds an edge to frenetic thrash that reminds me of the great INDIGESTI, but with a more biting vocal attack. One would be well advised to get this record immediately.