Terveet Kädet


Terveet Kädet The Horse LP

This latest release has taken quite a while to get pressed. They’ve slowed down a tad, but still maintain their characteristic intensity. You get twenty songs, mainly mid-tempo noise thrash, a heavier sound than usual. Catch ’em live this August-September on tour in the US. (They need a van for two bands; can you help? Write…)

Terveet Kädet The Horse LP

Even though I find the drumming a bit distracting, the great guitar work and vocals make up for it. There’s TK’s usual short blasts of thrash, as well as some metal-influenced slower tunes and even a cover of the STOOGES’ “Search and Destroy.” Go see em this summer in the US.

Kaaos / Terveet Kädet So Much Fun split LP

KAAOS and TERVEET KÄDET split this German release. While most tracks are available elsewhere, the materal is very hot, and at least available to more people in the world. TK is in fine form, although their new drummer (replacing Walde, who died) is not quite as tight. KAAOS is consistently powerful and productive.

Terveet Kädet Knock Out cassette

This tape features a selection of live tracks by TERVEET KÄDET, most ranging in sound quality from fair to good. Remarkably, though, I liked the power of these performances much better than the ones documented on the live side of the Black God album; so, this cassette could prove an interesting addition to your TK collection.

Terveet Kädet Black God LP

Here it is, the craziness of TERVEET KÄDET with their speed-merchant approach and Läjä’s frenetic vocal ramblings. This album consists of material that was supposed to come out in Finland as two 12″ EPs and a live side of escalating cuts. It features the late Walde on drums, and his superb participation gives the “lightning” to the TK sound on this record. This licorice pizza continues the savage invasion of hectic seizures and spewed-out speed that makes TK so classic.

Terveet Kädet Terveet Kädet LP

Believe it or not, TK has done it again. Although side two drags a bit (in relative terms), and the vocal and guitar mix isn’t quite as piercing as it was on their peerless Ääretön Joulu EP, this album is exhilarating in its intensity. The distinctive combination of paint-stripping vocals, flailing guitars, and tightly structured blasts of concentrated power lift TK into a realm occupied by a few awesome musical entities like INDIGESTI and DIE KREUZEN. As M. Bowles would say, this is “shredsational,” so buy the fucker immediately.

Terveet Kädet Ääretön Joulu EP

With this release, T.KÄDET come of age and prove they’re among the world’s best hardcore bands. This well-produced record has everything—ultra tight thrash power, join in choruses, and lead vocals so demented they make the MEAT PUPPETS sound like the BEE GEES. The hottest punk EP released thus far this year, really.