Kaaos Sätkynukke EP

If you haven’t heard this band by now, where have you been? KAAOS has lots of vinyl and tape out, and now add yet another quality release. Powerful HC.

Kaaos / Terveet Kädet So Much Fun split LP

KAAOS and TERVEET KÄDET split this German release. While most tracks are available elsewhere, the materal is very hot, and at least available to more people in the world. TK is in fine form, although their new drummer (replacing Walde, who died) is not quite as tight. KAAOS is consistently powerful and productive.

Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos LP

Next to the LAMA LP, this is probably the one Finnish release that captures the best elements of rhythmic chord changes, whining guitar licks, and howling vocals. Frenzied compositions rip through thrash and punk, with some metallic overtones. KAAOS have been at it for some time, and this release shows their ability.

Kaaos Totaalinen Kaaos EP

A blur of indecipherable thrashing noise. KAAOS seem to have caught the germ that RIISTETYT just got rid of—lack of integration between the vocals and the instrumentation. The amazing “Uskonsota” really tears up the pavement, but most of the songs get lost in the jet-stream, and the guitars should have been mixed louder.