Asta Kask


Asta Kask Aldrig En LP

Nice to see these lads still at it, blasting out great pop-punk with continued enthusiasm and gusto. Catchy tunes, high speed playing, and great musicianship add up to songs that stick. Just about all new material here, but it sounds like a friend on first listening.

Asta Kask Live 12″

This posthumous release captures ASTA KASK in eleven songs recorded live just this year. Sound quality is good, the performance spirited, and songs up to that trademark quality. Can’t say it captures all the excitement but it will have to do won’t it? Get this record.

Asta Kask Än Finns Det Hopp EP

This new one from ASTA KASK has that brisk, melodic, and powerful style, but with an added emphasis on power. This sacrifices a bit of accessibility, but makes for some great moments, especially on the steamroller, “Sexkomplex.” Another great one from these guys.

Asta Kask Med Is I Magen 12″

Yet another outstanding release from this Swedish band. With their tight musicianship, super instrumental hooks, rough lead vocals, and up-tempo sing-along choruses, they remind me of classic punk outfits from the late ’70s like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. ASTA KASK wouldn’t know how to write a bad song, so don’t ignore this 12″.

Asta Kask Plikten Framför Allt EP

Another excellent 7″ (their third) from this Swedish unit. They play very fast punk with catchy tunes, cool singing, and hooks galore. While their style is not unlike some of the better Brit-punk bands, they deliver it with zest and feeling.

Asta Kask En Tyst Minut EP

Buzzsaw guitar echoes throughout this Swedish ensemble’s second EP. Tight rhythms of punky-paced aggression, not thrash, to move and sing with. Fast, with youthful energy and a spunky sound, like an exhilarating tune you’ve heard before but can’t place. Seven songs of marvelling headlong titillation.

Asta Kask För Kung & Fosterland EP

Hardcore meets rock. Quick and melodic thrusts of boisterous energy from Sweden. Powerful harmonies and leads assaulting with raw harsh vocal cracks; foot-tapping insistencies stand triumphant and chanting. An excitable release.