Ultimo Resorte


Ultimo Resorte No Hay Tiempo Que Perder LP

Here’s a delightful slice of punk history. ÚLTIMO RESORTE was an integral part of Barcelona, Spain’s punk-cum-hardcore scene in the early ’80s. Providing the connective tissue between the first generation of Spanish punk and the initial Spanish hardcore wave, ÚLTIMO RESORTE reflects this evolution in three releases compiled on one fat slab of wax. No Hay Tiempo Que Perder brings together the band’s seven-song self-titled 7” EP from 1982, their five-song 12” EP from the following year, as well as six bonus tracks from their 1981 demo. The band had quite a few lineup changes during their existence from 1979 to 1984, resulting in a hodgepodge of influences that pulled their sound in varying directions. Thankfully, their genre-dabbling produced killer results! Ranging from fast and gritty hardcore à la ELECTRIC DEADS, to more direct UK-inspired punk in the realm of VICE SQUAD, ÚLTIMO RESORTE managed to chart their own path with fierce vocalist Silvia Escario leading the charge. In an interview I read, Escario speaks of the impact that MDC had on the Barcelona scene, compelling the punks to play faster and write more politically-focused lyrics. Overall, this is an incredibly well-produced retrospective. The sound quality is great, even on the demo tracks, and the material holds up beyond its significance historically. Punk rules! Check this out if you need a reminder.

Ultimo Resorte Una Causa Sin Fondo 12″

Tight, speedy charges of Spanish thrash from ULTIMO RESORTE. Crying female vocals in the vein of RUBELLA BALLET or DIRT, but with their own passionate touch, combined with overall compositions of rapid high-hat/snare slashes and fiery guitar licks, make this a power-packed barrage of dispatched happiness. If there were a hardcore Sesame Street, I have the feeling that this band would do the theme song. Unquestionably a fun possession.

Ultimo Resorte Cementerio Caliente EP

This is the most contemporary sounding release that we received from Spain. ULTIMO RESORTE blast out raw thrash with a garage-y sensibility and rough female vocals, along with an occasional post-punky number (“Johnny Mofeta”). “Cementerio Caliente,” with its irresistible “Hey, Ho” chorus, is especially hot. Recommended.