Rövsvett We Are the Roadkill LP

Some smooth käng-ing here from the small town of Tranås in southern Sweden. This sprawling LP features nineteen tracks of pounding D-beats, rocking guitars, and gang vocal choruses presented with shining clean production. While not particularly inventive, the music is rather accomplished, and this would be a fitting soundtrack to any gathering of tough guys with long-ish hair in black T-shirts.

Rövsvett Jesus Var En Tomte LP

Swedish hardcore masters RÖVSVETT need no introduction. 2020 marked the 35th anniversary of one of the most brutal hardcore records ever to come out of Europe, Jesus Var En Tomte. Prove me wrong! This time, it has a new mix that makes it sound even fresher,  with an added 22 bonus songs, including “Fast” (from the same recording as the rest of their second EP Jesus Was an Elf, with a new mix), and finally a live recording of the classic “Ultra Huset”. Hard to imagine someone playing blisteringly fast yet so precise like this back in the day, whilst other bands achieved classic status with way sloppier and mild recordings. Truly an underrated band.

Rövsvett Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter EP

Gruff vocals accompany discordant, biting hardcore and thrash on this hard-rocking seven-track EP. A lack of variety in songwriting is about made up for with the grinding guitars and overall vocal intensity. A good follow-up to their excellent debut EP.

Rövsvett Jesus Var En Tomte EP

Incredible Swedish thrash mercenary action at it again, this time from Jerker and RÖVSVETT. Split-second bursts to lightning-fast turbulence with raw, gruff vocals make this an exceptional platter. Eight manic quakes of mayhem and speed to stir some braincells. Interesting and uplifting.

Rövsvett Hunden Beskyddar Människan, Men Vem Beskyddar Hunden?? cassette

Summoning Swedish insurgence that discharges a quick spasm of invasioning disorder and brawling vigor. Jerker’s throat vibrates in growling wails as he wrings out a forceful vocal assault. Compelling guitar structures keep the action alive with hammering drum exertions, as these reels spin off alerting mayhem in that Swedish acceleration tradition. Good stuff to watch for.