NV Le Anderen


NV Le Anderen A Way to Spend Your Life LP

Much stronger than their first release, this Dutch ensemble now drives to the hilt. Quick, effortless, and savage shrills of gut-grinding stormers with bulldozing power chords combine to create a vivacious delight. NV LE ANDEREN come off like BGK, without so much speed and closer to the VOPO’S metal edge. Interesting rhythms and concentrated riffs.

NV Le Anderen / Riot Here’s the Sounds of the Streets LP

This album features two new Dutch bands, one punk (RIOT), the other skin (N.V. LE ANDEREN), but I can’t figure that out from the lyrics or music. Both play similarly fast punk or thrash, and both have intelligent songs about similar subjects. An excellent release, but I’m still confused. The beautiful cover doesn’t help matters.