The Accüsed


The Accüsed More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral LP

Mixed with the gore tunes, there’s a surprising amount of thoughtful tunes, though the onslaught of music doesn’t seem incongruous with sensitivity. Subjects include anti-pope, nuclear power, child abuse, religion. Musically, it’s standard Combat fare, tuneless speedmetal.

The Accüsed Return of Martha Splatterhead LP

You missed last time, so don’t miss this chance, ’cause this firebomb rips with that kind of crazed ferocity of speed, lightning-paced and raw deliverance that cranks the rug out from your feet. The dentist rips teeth from your jaw as Blaine tugs at his frenzied vocals in a passionate form of chaos, and the band giggles with nerve-smashing thrash. The original plus eight new tracks to light up your neighborhood.

The Accüsed Martha Splatterhead 12″

This five-songer rips the hair outta your scalp. Intense, bloodthirsty, and fast. The ACCÜSED have added Blaine (ex-FARTZ) to vocal duties, and kicked in some speed metallic riffs, making this pure speedcore. I was so totally surprised at how good this came out—and they only made 500! This could sell much more.