The Zolge


The Zolge Catholic Day / Solid After 7″

Professional punk that just barely maintains its roots after all the production and arrangements. Kind of like the Japanese equivalent of the DAMNED. Slightly better tunes appear on the 12″ of “Catholic Day.”

The Zolge Feel No Fear EP

On ZOLGE’s third release, that unique wall of sound is gone, replaced with a catchy pop-punk flavoring, still not losing any potent harmonies. Strong instrumentation with tight vocals and good production make for a very sharp delivery. Has a current ’77-punk feel to it. Crafty stuff.

The Zolge Crisis My Guest LP

Interesting sound on this ZOLGE release, ultimately using the studio (a good one) to their advantage. A wall-of-sound rock/hardcore approach with much emphasis on the exceptional vocals that have plenty of interesting effects on them. This booms with well-produced power, different and enjoyable. A one-of-a-kind sound.

The Zolge Over Alive flexi 7″

An exciting dose of live Japanese punk. This outfit has some potent riffs with hummable songs structures, but a studio recording of this material would be great. ZOLGE should be an exhilarating live band; the power on this record is raw and potent.