Christ on Parade


Christ on Parade A Mind is a Terrible Thing LP

A full 17 song LP from this durable Bay Area band. They’re varying the pace more these days, and in this case it really works well. Excellent recording, great passionate vocals and screams, and definitely worth a listen. Cool label, too. Support this!

Christ on Parade Isn’t Life a Dream? EP

Delightful raw production sets the atmosphere for this five-song EP. The music is set to a clean fast tempo and involves simple changeovers and stead beats. The vocals are shouted and represent an angry tone. Overall, this seems to have captured a strong DIY feel by bringing back some of punk’s basic nature.

Christ on Parade Sounds of Nature LP

Ripping thrash from one of the Bay Area’s best contemporary HC outfits. Neither the musical structures nor the themes are particularly unique, but the execution is way above the current US norm. The guitar sound is really piercing, the tempo is supercharged, some cuts have killer choruses (like “Drop Out” and “No Truth”) or guitar breaks (like “Landlord”), and the overall effect is ultra intense. Features European-style Pus production.

Christ on Parade Cheap, Deformed cassette

Scorching mayhem clobbers you cold with this sonic speed screamer out of the depths of the East Bay. Featuring ex-members of TEENAGE WARNING and TREASON, the new union combines fast thrash with intense lyrical assertions that haul a lightning pace without being of the norm mold. Twin guitar flailings beef up the sound with a good, tight drum assault as Barrie’s scrawling vocals blast it all into an uproarious excitement. New and hot.