David Hayes

Christ on Parade A Mind is a Terrible Thing LP

A full 17 song LP from this durable Bay Area band. They’re varying the pace more these days, and in this case it really works well. Excellent recording, great passionate vocals and screams, and definitely worth a listen. Cool label, too. Support this!

Moto-Stillbirth / Victims Family Live at the Cab split cassette

First off, you get 70 minutes of MOTO STILL BIRTH recorded live at Jake’s last show. They’ve been around forever and yet no one seems to know who they are. They mix thrash, metal, punk, and even a little reggae and remain politically aware and totally incoherent at the same time. Plus 20 minutes of VICTIMS FAMILY, including three non-LP tracks.

Sons of Ishmael Pariah Martyr Demands a Sacrifice LP

Two years after the Hayseed Hardcore EP and some lineup changes, the Canadian SONS return. This is a great album of sociopolitical thrash and the lyrics are right on target. And yes, the cover of “Stairway to Heaven” is priceless.

Gang Green Another Wasted Night LP

Put out by Funhouse Records in Germany, this features the Another Wasted Night EP, the PMRC Sucks 12″, plus “Another Bomb,” ”Sold Out Alabama,” and a live version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer.” Drunk rock for the masses.

Articles of Faith In This Life LP

Finally out, this second and final LP by this defunct Chicago outfit. Recorded over two years ago, this is what HÜSKER DÜ and especially SOUL ASYLUM sounded like at their best. Personal lyrics delivered with plenty of emotion. Thumbs up, dude.

Vicious Circle Hope and Wait 12″

“Common sense, enjoyment, respect for life and responsibility” appear on the insert for this, the sixth vinyl release from this durable Aussie band. Four well-produced rockin’ punk tunes accompany and enforce this message. “Turned to Stone” is the standout.

Chumbawamba Never Mind the Ballots LP

The second LP from CHUMBA is as lyrically on target as ever. They blend many musical styles, tempos and deliveries and top it off by putting it out on their own label. A superb effort with excellent results. Gatefold cover, too.