Gang Green


Gang Green You Got It LP

This band’s answer to problems is drinking the world away and partying. Their more commercial rock sound is played hard, but it’s nowhere near the ferocity of days gone by. Lyrically, again it’s frivolous and escapist, but “Another Bomb” and “The Climb” show there’s still a mind beneath the booze.

Gang Green Another Wasted Night LP

Put out by Funhouse Records in Germany, this features the Another Wasted Night EP, the PMRC Sucks 12″, plus “Another Bomb,” ”Sold Out Alabama,” and a live version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer.” Drunk rock for the masses.

Gang Green Drunk and Disorderly 10″

Another in a series of ‘live’ 10’ers, this is one of the better ones sound-wise. Though the tracks chosen are mainly not their fastest material, they are powerful as hell—a modern STOOGES sound. Good one.

Gang Green P.M.R.C. Sucks 12″

Four songs, two of which come from their first demo and fall into the great GANG GREEN tradition, the remaining two being different cover versions of TIL TUESDAY’s AM radio hit “Voices Carry.” AC/DC covers would have been more exciting. All in all, just two great songs.

Gang Green Skate to Hell / Alcohol 7″

The new refined GANG GREEN has a lot more metallic influences in this approach. A new band with Chris’ vocals sounding different, is this still GANG GREEN?? Maybe GANG GREEN meets AC/DC, but no longer is the maniac speed evident. Good guitar work, but craving the old band. You decide.

Gang Green Sold Out EP

If you don’t like this amazing slab of vinyl, don’t even pretend that you ever liked thrash punk. GANG GREEN’s assault is unbelievably tight and intense, and Mr. Doherty’s guitar work flails away mercilessly. “Terrorize” is particularly awesome, so nerds should steer clear.