Chumbawamba Never Mind the Ballots LP

The second LP from CHUMBA is as lyrically on target as ever. They blend many musical styles, tempos and deliveries and top it off by putting it out on their own label. A superb effort with excellent results. Gatefold cover, too.

Chumbawamba Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records: Starvation, Charity and Rock & Roll – Lies & Traditions LP

A little bit of punk, folk, dance, and pop appears here, but the message remains the main interest. A combination of thought-provoking lyrics, written information, tape commercials, and acted-out situations has been done before, but there is still a need for this type of effort and this band is doing their part.

A State of Mind / Chumbawamba We Are the World? split EP

A split 7″ by England’s CHUMBAWAMBA and America’s A STATE OF MIND. The latter’s two tunes vary between melodic parts and punk rushes, all in an English anarchist vein with heartfelt political lyrics. CHUMBAWAMBA, too, deals with subjects of war/fear and state control, and musically, similarly, rave yet intersperse with “pretty” aspects. Comes with an incredible amount of info/opinion. Get this!

Chumbawamba Revolution 7″

Hard to tell what’s what on both sides, but it doesn’t really matter as this bugger is excellent. Besides a very stimulating eight-page booklet/cover, the music is riveting as well, making good the band’s stated desire to not just entertain but inspire. Get it.