Walter Glaser

V/A Pretend This is Paradise cassette

Half central California acts like ASSAULT, WIMPY DICKS, AK47, and more. The other half is world punk acts. Not bad ‘tall. Half the profits go to the No More Censorship Defense Fund.

V/A Last Countdown cassette

A mostly Mexican comp with MASSACRE 68, SOLUCION MORTAL, PAZUZU, HISTERIA, and DESECRATION. Sound quality is OK, material is energetic HC. Comes with booklet (all in Spanish).

Vicious Circle Rhyme With Reason LP

A long LP by this Aussie band, who have a pretty well-developed sound, mixing different influences into their punk tunes without losing sight of their roots. Most noticeable is the guitar work, which really holds things together. Lyrically, they deal with both personal and political subjects in an intelligent, well thought-out manner. Good.

V/A Another Bloody Noisy Punk Tape cassette

Yeah, this is another bloody noisy punk comp, including acts from all around the globe, the standouts being SICK OF IT ALL, DROWNING ROSES, and the INSTIGATORS. Good.

SFA Demo NYHC 1987 cassette

It’s from NY, it’s HC, but this isn’t the NYHC sound that has become prevalent recently. This is more garage-y (may be the production), more straightforward, with lots of different tempos.

Last Option Over Time EP

A very good debut 7” by this AZ act, eight clean, powerful songs, mostly thrash with an accent on energy. Far from generic, they have their own sound, different from any other particular band. Lyrically, the emphasis is on caring for others and working for social change. Totally great!!

Generic The Spark Inside EP

A rather grungy and depressed-sounding four-songer from this committed bunch, which could be due to the gruff vocals. Musically, punk and hyperthrash are their forte, and the words seem a bit more personal this time around. Slightly different that their previous releases, but good nevertheless.

Concrete Sox Whoops, Sorry Vicar! LP

100% speedmetal for the SOX now, and it’s pretty good, probably their most solid release. Sounding comparable to METALLICA and the ACCUSED, they have maintained their intelligent lyrical outlook, questioning religion, inequality, greed, oppression, etc. My only gripe is the slightly trebly production, but that’s minor. This is swell!

Cheez Say Cheez cassette

The second demo by this mysterious Arizona band, playing a variety of styles from straightedge HC to rap to synth silliness to speedmetal, making fun of everyone and everything, except the Master Cheez, of course. Rad shit.

Bhopal Stiffs One Track Head / Not Just My Head 7″

Good powerful thrash tunes from this Chicago band. “Not Just My Head” is a short blast, while “One Track Head” is a bit more complex and interesting, with loads of energy. An impressive start.

Yeastie Girlz Suck My Smelly Vagina cassette

These gals make the BEASTIE BOYS look like flaccid wimps, doing intelligent and hilarious acapella raps about macho goons, the FCC, poo, etc. With loads of funny between-the-songs banter. Totally rad, and the “special prizes” are yucky!

V/A We Can Change the World, Vol.II cassette

A solid comp with DISSONANCE, A.D.S., DEAD SILENCE, and more. Lots of energetic material (poetry too!!) with a message. Booklet included.

V/A Sorry I Gave at the Orifice cassette

A great title, and a pretty darn good tape, too. Featuring DECLINE, SCREECHING WEASEL, DISGRACE, SOCIAL DECAY, and more US acts with fair to good sound quality. Booklet included.

V/A Don’t Lose Your Head cassette

A pretty solid world comp of mostly wild punk and HC tuneage. Standouts included VISUAL DISCRIMINATION, EXTREMES, and more. Worth checking into. Booklet included.

Heresy Thanks! EP

Totally insane searing thrash with metal influences and thoughtful words which reveal intelligence and integrity, rejecting rockstar-ism, competition, mindless stupidity, etc. An incredible EP by one of Britain’s finest bands. Thank you, HERESY!!

Mass Death At War With Santa cassette

A crack-up. I assume these guys are satirizing stupid metal bands, cuz with songs like “Shit on Your Mother’s Ass” (song title of the year, hands down!) and “I’ll Pulverize You,” they just can’t be serious. Stupidly hilarious!!

Boo! Hiss! Pffft! Boo! Hiss! Pffft! (Why Don’t We Throw Some Tomatoes at Those Guys?) cassette

The debut tape by the most obnoxious band in the Bay Area contains covers of “Stayin’ Alive” and “Old McDonald Had A Farm” and annoying originals. Actually, these bozos are amusing, criticizing everything in sight.

Poison Idea War All the Time LP

A couple of new members this time around, but that hasn’t slowed down POISON IDEA’s momentum one bit; this is still their brand of loud, potent powerthrash. Slightly more metal than in the past but the accent here is on the force and fury. Scorching.

V/A Welcome to the Nuclear Stoneage cassette

ATAVISTIC, DESECRATION, and CORRUPTED MORALS are the standout acts on this above average comp. Ten acts in all, good selection of tunes, comes with ‘zine.

V/A War is the Crime cassette

An above average comp of world HC/punk acts, including the VARUKERS, MANIACS, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, and more. Sound quality varies, but this is mostly good stuff.

Half Off The Truth LP

Youch! A very hot album of mostly rapid powerhouse thrash, although a few of the newer cuts show some musical growth. Lyrically, it’s mostly personal, covering honesty, individuality, etc. in an optimistic fashion, minus the “positive” rhetoric. Great debut vinyl by this upcoming band.

Desecration / Subverse split LP

We forgot this one last issue, but don’t you miss out. DESECRATION (AZ) hits hard with a dozen songs reminiscent of the new UK thrash acts (HERESY, RIPCORD, etc.), with excellent caring social/political words. Canada’s SUBVERSE keeps up the momentum with a harsh, abrasive thrash sound with hoarse vocals, also possessing good sentiments. A great introduction to two of the hottest up-and-coming HC acts.

The Gruesomes Steal This Tape cassette

Metally HC, but often more metal than HC, with the cheesiest DEF LEPPARD/JUDAS PRIEST vocals I’ve heard in a while. Lyrically, “Nazi Baptist Commando” is good, but the rest blow. Lyric of the week: “I masturbate, ejaculate, and wipe it on the wall.”

Default Faith or Fraud cassette

Now that 7 SECONDS has gone on to “other things,” these guys may be able to take their place, judging by their solid thrash energy with singalong choruses and words stressing equality and social change. Really good—now watch for vinyl. P.S. Some profits go to No More Censorship Defense Fund.

V/A Senseless Death LP

A good consistent compilation of HC and speedcore tuneage. Almost all U.S. acts; standouts include FEAR ITSELF, ATTITUDE, IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER, and more. Mostly unreleased stuff, with a couple live cuts. Thumbs up.

V/A Dis-Orderly Music? cassette

An hour’s worth of East Coast HC and metalcore. Bands featured are PRONG, CHRONIC FEAR, PSYCHO, LETHAL AGGRESSION, and many more. Consistently hot powercore stuff, not for the timid.

V/A Dagger Killer Comp Vol. 1 cassette

A pretty good buffet of tuneage here from experimental punk to scorching thrash. Standout acts include PSYCHO, BOURGEOIS DISEASE, and CANCEROUS GROWTH. Worth investigating.

V/A Car Crash Music cassette

A new one from BCT with CHALLENGER CREW, FEAR ITSELF, YOUTHQUAKE, SUBTERRANEAN KIDS, and other quality acts. A great tape and it helps this dedicated bunch to get out of debt. Buy now.

Isocracy Welcome To El Sobrante demo cassette

An audiovisual introduction to El Sobrante and “Sobcore;” an hour’s worth of catchy spastic punk tunes with surprisingly serious lyrics, plus plenty of zaniness and personality. Includes a lyric booklet and miscellaneous objects from El Sobrante. You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen the pictures, now get the tape—all for the very low price of…

V/A What is Punk? cassette

Good question, don’t know if this will find the answer, but with righteous tuneage from DEVIATED INSTINCT, FRATRICIDE, LARM, & more, it certainly can’t hurt. Rad. All the proceeds go to the Toronto ALF Bust Fund.

V/A We Can Do Whatever We Believe In cassette

This tape features super hot stuff from STIKKY, ELECTRO HIPPIES, DESECRATION, RIPCORD & more, but the tape has completely atrocious sound quality: recorded too low with a loud hiss throughout the whole thing.

V/A Psychotic Reactions Caused by External Influences cassette

All right! This is the most manic group I’ve heard in ages, featuring acts from W. Germany, Peru, UK, US, and Finland, the standouts being DESECRATION, THE ELECTRO HIPPIES, LAST OPTION, 7 IRSTAS. Amazing!!

V/A Still Thinking Presents: Progress?! EP

A six (Canadian) band comp benefit for Aid To Nicaragua. Standouts include SONS OF ISHMAEL, M.S.I., and GUILT PARADE’s trashing of “Heartbreak Hotel.” A good record and an effort worth supporting. Cool.

V/A Brainwashed Into Submission cassette

Heaven (or hell?) is here if you’re a speedcore maniac, because those “jugga jugga” axes are here in full force. Acts include NO REBATE, BLOODCUM, GENERATION WASTE, and more.

Trip Six Back With a Vengeance cassette

Containing members and ex-members of WARZONE, PSYCHOS, and ULTRAVIOLENCE, these boys churn out some raw HC with a distorted guitar sound and lyrics which analyze personal and social problems. Pretty good.

RC Intestine Casserole With Cheese cassette

This is what suburbia does to people…forces them to form utterly psychotic thrash bands with totally deranged vocals. One question: why does the tape cover smell so fucking weird? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

Excel Split Image LP

Finally, the long-awaited album by this Venice band. Basically, this hot LP showcases EXCEL’s intense HC/metal sound in a good light: very powerful tunes with personal/anti-conformity themes. A really intense album from perhaps the only Venice act who reveals some intelligence.

Civilised Society? Violence Sucks! LP

Musically, this is a big change from their first LP. Their sound is now in a crunching METALLICA vein, heavy on the power, while still maintaining their intelligent lyrical outlook. Although I like this album, I was expecting a little more creativity from these guys and girl, rather than the pedestrian speedmetal fare.

V/A Save Your Ass cassette

A comp (whose profits go to Jello and Co.) featuring WIDE AWAKE’s powerful HC sound, BLOOD IMPULSE ACTIVISTS’ creative punk, MALCOLM TENT’s ranting poetry and more. Definitely worth getting.

V/A There’s No Message Like No Message cassette

A pretty swell comp featuring some big names (DEAD MILKMEN, INSTIGATORS, etc.), and a host of smaller acts like BILLY & THE WILLIES, CIVILISED SOCIETY?, etc. Good stuff.

V/A Step Forward #1 cassette

Three bands share this tape: BACK TO BACK (CA) who have a hot clean thrash sound, YOUTH UNDER CONTROL (AZ) playing positive HC with energy, and LAST OPTION (AZ) dishing out fierce thrash with personal lyrics. Live records with booklet, great stuff!

V/A Not the Comfy Chair cassette

A six band comp which features the catch punk of ALLIGATOR PARADE, HALF OFF’s powerhouse thrash, and GOV’T THRASHER’s hot noise. A hot consistent tape.

Cringer The Vinegar Tasters cassette

Some pretty hot stuff here, about half thrash, half slower melodic punk with rich guitar work. Lyrical sentiments are mostly in the “peace and freedom” category. This is AOK.

Stikky Demo #2 cassette

Okay, these dorks have been around for a bit and it’s time you heard their innovative raging thrash with silly but thoughtful words. With tunes like “Senator Hart Humped a Dumpling,” “Pollution Rules,” and “Buttman,” how can you go wrong? You can’t, get this.

Fear Itself Till Death Do Us Part LP

Brutal ravenous thrash with a metallic influence (mostly in the structures and leads) and lyrics concerning personal, political and horrific topics. The only setback is the noisy production which squelches the power a bit, but this still blazes.

Dag Nasty Wig Out at Denkos LP

This time, DAG NASTY has less punch and more melody present, bringing the DESCENDENTS’ pop sound to mind. Could be because it’s almost a whole new band, but aside from a few catchy hummable tunes like “Safe,” most of this LP struck me as ineffective and rather weak. Get back to the grind guys!

Attitude What’s Your’s? cassette

Formerly CONDEMNED ATTITUDE, this band hits very hard with a powerful sound similar to a more metallish ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT with “reality” lyrics. Lotsa tempo changes, innovative structures. Good stuff from Andy Airplane and buds!

V/A Kani Ka Pilk cassette

A pretty solid world compilation featuring the INSTIGATORS, YOUTH QUAKE, UPRIGHT CITIZENS and more. Contains studio and live material. Good job.

V/A Stop Animal Abuse cassette

Hot, hot, hot stuff here by UNSEEN FORCE, IMPACT, INFERNO, ELECTRO HIPPIES, and more. Informative booklet enclosed and this is a benefit for Animal Liberation Front. No excuses, get this!

V/A On Our Way to Fools Paradise LP

Four Holland acts on this disc: LAITZ, BTD, KIKKERSPUUG, and LOUD WARNING. All take the hard and fast approach, with a bit of variation. Not too much originality shines through, but the intensity is present, especially on BTD’s material.

V/A Lethal Noise, Vol. 2 cassette

A mega swell comp featuring a slew of hot upcoming Bay Area bands such as STIKKY, FORETHOUGHT, SHORT DOGS GROW, ISOCRACY, and mucho more. Great sound quality, a first class effort. GOOOOO!

V/A Let’s Get Fucked cassette

A nice mixture of garage punk from APPLE, SCAB, etc., and ranting poetry from Donny the Punk, David Hiberman and more. Pretty enjoyable.

V/A The 5th Dimension of a Fart cassette

Interesting title for a varied comp of mostly European acts. Music ranges from ’77-ish stuff to thrash and spacey punk. Relatively enjoyable.

Spermbirds Get on the Stage / My Brother 7″

A good showing by this West German act. The A side is a catchy mid tempo basher with good lyrics and powerful guitars, while the B side alternates between thrashy and reggae. Hot stuff.

Macabre Grim Reality 12″

Frantic speedcore with the shrieking intensity of Italian HC. Although “Hot Rods To Hell” reveals intelligence, the rest is riddled with HM clichés: 2nd grade horror lyrics, self-indulgent musicianship, etc. Pass…

Lärm Untalented After All These Years cassette

Christian hard rock not unlike STRYP…oops, wrong tape! No way, these loonies play the more urgent, frantic thrash, it’s insane. 72 songs in 60 minutes. DRI, eat your heart out.

Impact Attraverso L’Involucro EP

Jolting, mind-blowing HC in the great Italian tradition which will bowl you over. Tempo changes galore, amazingly great production, and impassioned “us vs. them” lyrics. Brain-shattering music from the heart, get it!

Crazy Best of… cassette

This comp features material from CRAZY’s out of print LP and 12″, and from the sound quality I’d guess this was recorded directly off those records. Good ’77-’79 style rocking punk with political lyrics.

V/A Container Party cassette

Four bands share this comp: WOUNDED KNEES (twisted metal thrash), RESPIRATOR (mostly strange thrash), 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA (inaudible noise), and NO IDEA (hot powerthrash). Mostly good stuff here.

V/A Chaotic Dreams, Life of Pain cassette

A solid U.S. comp with VERBAL ASSAULT, FALSE LIBERTY, HALF OFF, and a smorgasbord of other dandy acts. A great introduction to smaller U.S. HC bands, booklet included.

Kina Troppo Lontano EP

Three cuts here: the title track being the best of the cuts, an impassioned, melodic, mid-tempo punk number with some acoustic guitar work. On the flip are two powerful, speedcore bashers with complex structures. A good 7″.

Dead Silence Beginning of the End LP

Straightforward punk and hardcore with well-thought-out, intelligent, caring lyrics dealing with ignorance, oppression, and the destruction of various subcultures. Their honesty and sincerity, as shown by their cool lyric book, makes this worthwhile.

GG Allin Hated in the Nation cassette

Here is GG ALLIN with 45 minutes of raw, intense debauchery. Some may call him sexist, violent, or stupid, but some of these tunes are catchy! Not for the easily offended or “politically correct.”

Youth of Today Break Down the Walls LP

These New Yorkers have finally released a record that does them justice. A collection of clean, powerful hardcore with committed positive lyrics. Not as fun as their live show and a little short on innovation, but this is still a good LP.

V/A Strong Bow Rules cassette

Thrash to the max from a number of Swedish acts, including MOB 47, RAPED TEENAGERS, AVSKUM, and many more. Lots of brutal stuff here.

V/A Stop the Fighting cassette

Ninety minutes of good stuff featuring many of the “Comp Tape Faves”: HALF OFF, FALSE LIBERTY, INSTED, and many more. Pick up this swell tape.

Sacrilege B.C. Party With God LP

Some intense, powerful speedmetal from this young Bay Area outfit. The big influence here seems to be SLAYER, judging from the fast straightforward approach and lyrics about ghouls and goblins. Could’ve been a bit more original, but this still blows down the walls.

V/A Zone No Nuclear cassette

All from Spain, most of the bands here favor a psychotic thrash sound, although a healthy dose of ska/reggae appears. Hottest tracks are from B.A.P., ANTI-DOGMATIKSS, and SUBTERRANEAN KIDS. Good job.

V/A To Be or Not to Be cassette

A good sampling of West German bands (CERESIT, CIRCLE OF SIGTIU, etc.), a few U.S. bands (SEIZURE, BURNT, etc.), and more. This is mostly forceful stuff, so pick this up.

V/A Live it Live cassette

A blazing hot dose of live HC by the likes of BGK, LEEWAY, FALSE LIBERTY, and many more. Sound quality is generally good. Snag up this fucker.

V/A Fuck the PMRC cassette

A way hot tape starring CLOWN ALLEY, LEEWAY, RAPED TEENAGERS, VICIOUS CIRCLE, and many more. Ninety minutes of great material, so get this, dude!

Psycho Hosebags From Hell LP

PSYCHO has released a full album’s worth of blazing thrash which is undeniably powerful, but some tempo variations would have helped. Lyrics cover conformity, society, Ed Gein, and more. A solid, vicious release.

Clown Alley Circus of Chaos LP

Much more metallic than their demo. CLOWN ALLEY now sounds like a cross between METALLICA and C.O.C., with lyrics that range from topical to abstract. Powerful production, nice packaging, not much guitar wanking. I dig this!

V/A We Can Change the World cassette

Ninety minutes of acts like MDC, STATE OF MIND, A.P.P.L.E., FINAL CONFLICT, etc. all spewing out their strong lyrical sentiments. Informative booklet enclosed. Cool stuff.

V/A Notes From the Underground cassette

A sampler in the true sense of the word, with 19 NJ/NY outfits playing everything from psych to speedcore to melodic pop to 77-ish punk to comedy skits! For the diverse.

Attitude Adjustment American Paranoia LP

A hot, consistent album from this young Bay Area outfit, playing powerful metallic HC with smart lyrics. Sure to be a hit with the crossover crowd, and most others as well. This version of A.A. has now split into a new (original line-up) A.A. and into CONDEMNED ATTITUDE.

V/A Lima Esta Helada cassette

Here’s a Peruvian HC comp showcasing acts which range from frantic thrash to energetic ’77 punk, with varied sound quality. Most notable is LEUSEMIA, Peru’s answer to the RAMONES.

V/A Thanks for Writing Back cassette

Here’s yet another cool int’l comp with vicious, urgent stuff from LARM, MASS APPEAL, PESADELO, and more. Sound quality gets crunchy at times, but overall, this blasts.

11:55 And You Know, It Just Keeps Getting Funnier cassette

This Michigan 5-piece has a song called “Spirit of ’76″ and that gives a good idea about their sound: garage-y pop-punk with jangly guitars and personal/political words. Pretty good.

V/A Quest for the Corn Girl cassette

A truly cool HC comp featuring the RAPED TEENAGERS, CANCEROUS GROWTH, LUDICHRIST, PSYCHO, and many more. Here the accent is on gruff thrash, but a few slower cuts break up the mayhem. Darn good.

V/A I’ve Been Hypnotized cassette

Basically, a pretty good comp containing mostly smaller US outfits. Musical styles vary a bit, but LIFE SENTENCE, LEGION OF DOOM, and PUNKS FOR PROFIT really rock out.

V/A Bay Mud cassette

Way rockin’ stuff here from two dozen Northern California bands displaying one or two songs each. Includes VICTIMS FAMILY, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, SHORT DOGS GROW, and more, contributing to 90 minutes of sheer insanity.

The Not Live for the Fans and Bands cassette

The NOT have captured their exciting upbeat melodic energy well in a live setting, recorded late last year. Seven originals plus two covers add up to nine fun foot-tapping tunes. Shame they broke up.

Atavistic From Within cassette

Ten ultrafast HC numbers with the vocalist spitting out urgent ideas about apathy, oppression, and manipulation, all reinforced by an informative booklet tackling the subjects of religion, vegetarianism, the arms race, pacifism, and more. Dedicated, committed, and cool.

V/A Erkennen Sie Die Melodie? cassette

What a tape! 1-1/2 hours of bands like DIATRIBE, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, INSTIGATORS, PERDITION, RAZZIA, and a zillion more. Of course there are a few clunkers, but this still gets a thumbs up.

V/A The Dat After Judgement cassette

A consistently good sampler of some of Europe’s best acts, including RATTUS, SCAPEGOATS, ICONOCLASTS, BRISTLES, and RUNNING RIOT. The energy here is kept at a feverish pace, so check out this hour long thrashathon.