McRad Absence of Sanity LP

Sort of a whiter BAD BRAINS (newer material), utilizing rock, metal and reggae influences. Most songs are slow-to-medium paced, with only one straightforward thrasher. This is somehow a skate band, whatever that means.

McRad Dominant Force LP

The A-side of this well-produced album features a brace of tight, fairly basic thrashers, only a couple of which really stand out. But the flip has a way cool reggaefied jam (“No Guns”) which reminds me vaguely of older attempts to produce crossover material by groups like the RUTS, the MEMBERS, and the (LEYTON) BUZZARDS, as well as a far less successful dub track (“Forget Those Years”). The lyrics are more serious than I expected from a band with such a clever funnypunk moniker.