Cancerous Growth


Cancerous Growth Today’s Society EP

I was warned that this would be “too metal” for me, but far from it. While there’s a slight bit of metal guitar action (no obnoxious leads though), for the most part this is speedy thrash. Though generic at times, there are a few touches, overdubs, etc., that break it up. Five songs, good lyrics.

Cancerous Growth Back From the Grave cassette

A live tape that has its pluses and minuses. The drumming is really strong, the guitar raw, and the vocalist rivals CAPITOL PUNISHMENT’s for lowest range around. Drawbacks include the mix and the somewhat “heavy” aspects of many tunes. Still, it’s crude and powerful.

Cancerous Growth Late for the Grave LP

CANCEROUS GROWTH do a respectable, but by no means brilliant job with the mid- to fast-tempo thrash formula, replete with rebellious lyrics and gruff vocals. This kind of thing has been done before, but I really enjoyed their high-velocity numbers. Basically OK.