Psycho Hosebags From Hell LP

PSYCHO has released a full album’s worth of blazing thrash which is undeniably powerful, but some tempo variations would have helped. Lyrics cover conformity, society, Ed Gein, and more. A solid, vicious release.

Psycho 6 Song EP

Many personnel changes since their debut 12″, making this aggregation a little less popish and a bit more powerful. Without resorting to metal, this new disc should appeal to both punks and metallers. Lyrics: Desperate Anger Dept.

Psycho 8-Song EP

Really cool. This band does a cover of the SONICS’ classic, along with other tunes ranging from straight-on thrash to thrash meets power-pop (in the good sense of the term). Great hooks, sharply delivered, and more gas than a bowl of Boston beans can produce.